Fix it with Forecasting!

How to Gain Financial Control During Uncertain Times

    What organizations urgently need is a FORECAST (not a new ANNUAL budget) to project the months ahead and help them with financial planning for the rest of the year.


    View this on-demand webinar to learn how you can better respond to the economic downturn and gain valuable insights and the ability to rapidly adjust to future potential scenarios. Accurate forecasts and powerful reports result in the essential insight needed to make better and faster decisions when dealing with market turmoil. Discover how Solver easily integrates with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP to help you:


    Create dynamic “what-if” scenarios and run simulations to determine the most accurate outcome for more effective budgeting and forecasting.

    Get the right information to the right people by consolidating critical financial and operational data into meaningful automated reports.

    Effectively use KPIs to track financial performance and ensure alignment to strategy.


    Watch and learn how to navigate the “new normal” with the right cloud-based, planning, and reporting tools.  

    Solver Webinar



    Ryan Grant

    Ryan Grant

    Sales Leader, North America Managed Services Team | Enavate



    Tracy Rich

    Tracy Rich

    Sr. VP and Strategic Partner Account Manager | Solver



    Stephanie Gamber

    Stephanie Gamber

    VP Solutions Engineering | Solver



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