With multiple stakeholders, planning for a wholesale distributor means careful collaboration to help orchestrate the entire product supply chain. With a complex business – balancing OEM’s / manufacturers on one side and retail partners on the other, delivering the right product, at the right time, at the right cost is critical to business success.

Leveraging the solution from our partner, Solvoyo, we can reduce your inventory costs, reduce transportation costs, and increase on-time fulfillment. A comprehensive modeling solution on one platform in the cloud with a SaaS architecture so you only pay for what you use. The only solution that spans all four capabilities required for supply chain analytics in one platform.


Descriptive Analytics: What has happened or is happening

Diagnostic Analytics: The reason(s) behind what is happening

Predictive Analytics: What is likely to happen in the future

Prescriptive Analytics: What should I do to perform better


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PDF case study

End-to-End Supply Chain Planning

The shifting business landscape has meant that wholesalers and distributors have seen across the board increases in inventory, decreases in service levels and stubbornly flat profit margins. See how Wholesalers & Distributors regain their Supply Chain game.


PDF case study

Duzey Sees Significant Improvements Within 5 months

Read this case study to learn how Duzey was able to realize a 20% improvement in forecasting accuracy, outstanding reductions in inventory waste and lost sales with our Supply Chain solution.