Power BI Overview - Discover Insights Hidden in Your Data

    Did you know Microsoft's Power BI can provide powerful business intelligence (BI) through easy to read dashboards created using data from your Dynamics ERP, Excel, SQL Server, and many other sources?

    What you'll learn


    If you have not been utilizing the power of this solution, please watch this webinar to learn more about how you can benefit from the ability to make confident decisions using near real-time analytics.

    During this on-demand webinar we will cover how to:


    Connect to and visualize data using one unified, scalable platform.

    Manage your data in more readable charts and dashboards.

    Work together easily on the same data, collaborate on reports, and share insights across popular Microsoft Office applications.

    Empower team members to discover insights hidden in your data. 


    Watch the webinar as we demonstrate the top reasons organizations choose Power BI to meet their self-service and enterprise business intelligence needs.

    Power BI Overview Webinar



    Harshal Tannu

    Harshal Tannu

    Principal Consultant | Enavate

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