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Enavate’s Sales Order Management App offers a collection of features that give your organization the ability to better meet your customers’ needs. Limit errors, build consistency and create efficiencies across your sales and service teams.


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Most distribution company orders won’t require anything more than the standard sales order workflow in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Yet, those few unorthodox order flows can lead to inefficient workarounds that waste time and resources. This app feature helps process those one-off orders effectively, with options for billing only, bill complete, bill now-ship later, sample orders and more.

Many distributors sell a range of product lines to a diverse customer base. To ensure that the correct lists are available to the right customer groups, this feature gives distributors the ability to create inclusion or exclusion lists, assign them to customer groups, and create customer hierarchies — a step beyond the geography restrictions in the standard Dynamics 365.

When items are out of stock, distributors commonly substitute similar products, but the standard D365 functionality is limited. This app feature goes further by empowering distributors to create rules that seamlessly offer alternative products based on relative margin and customer satisfaction.

This feature provides a customizable template for distributor reps to track data for customer accounting departments. This enhances the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance feature, speeding up processing time, reducing errors and expediting invoice-to-cash, saving time for both distributor and customer.

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