Change Enablement

    Will Your People & Organization Be Ready for Change?

    “Managing Change” is a key success factor to achieve return on investment (ROI) for any major initiative, yet it is often overlooked or out of scope and thus, a dominate reason for implementation failure.  Successfully preparing an organization for change begins at the onset of a project and continues through launch. It is a process, not a one-time event and requires a formalized program led by experienced resources.

    Most companies don’t have the in-house expertise to adequately address this imperative and clients seek assistance from ENAVATE experienced Change Enablement practitioners.  ENAVATE uses a proven framework that successfully transitions stakeholders from the “Current State” to  the desired “Future State”.  We partner with our clients to evaluate key factors regarding the context for change and the company culture and are then able to create an appropriate, targeted change program.

    ENAVATE’s Change Enablement Offering helps maximize a company’s ability to succeed by preparing leaders, organizational structures and the affected individuals. Our approach:

    •        Increases ROI achievement
    •        Decreases risks of business disruption
    •        Increases the rate of change adoption  
    •        Decreases impacts to company performance metrics
    •        Increases workforce skills and productivity  

    Contact our thought leaders with questions or let us know how we can help your organization through change.


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