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    Enavate Sales Order Management App

    Our Sales Order Management app uses the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to ease the process of managing orders for wholesale distributors.

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    Improve Your Customer Service and Consistency

    Limit errors, build consistency and improve efficiency across your sales and service teams with our Sales Order Management app.

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    Discover Enavate’s Sales Order Management App

    How can this app help take your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to the next level?

    Frameworks for All Order Types

    Save time and resources for non-standard order flows. Our Sales Order Management app can help you process one-off sales orders with options for billing only, bill complete, bill now-ship later, sample orders and more.

    Customized Product Sets

    Most distributors sell numerous product lines to a diverse customer base, making it tricky to ensure that the most up-to-date lists are always available to the right customer groups. Our app enables distributors to put together inclusion or exclusion lists, assign lists to customer groups and create customer hierarchies.

    Seamless Product Substitution

    When items are out of stock, wholesale distributors commonly substitute similar products. Our Sales Order Management app empowers distributors to create rules that will seamlessly offer alternative products based on relative margin and customer satisfaction.

    Functional Customer Order Cues

    Speed up processing time, reduce errors and expedite invoice-to-cash, saving time for both distributors and customers. Our app allows you to customize the templates that distributor reps use to track data for customer accounting departments.

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    Learn how our Pricing and Costing app helps wholesale distributors take their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to the next level.

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