Managing roles and user rights in Microsoft Dynamics AX can be complicated, requiring specific knowledge and experience to handle tasks that you don’t perform every day.

And even with the right level of knowledge, it can still be challenging to get a full overview of user rights and administrate them efficiently. As a result, you may still not be confident that you are adequately protecting access to critical and sensitive business information, or that your organization is licensed correctly. And that can have serious consequences for your business.

ENAVATE's Security Kit simplifies user rights management and gives you a quick overview of roles and permissions, so you can be sure that your critical data is secure. It also provides you with the tools you need to ensure that your system usage and licensing are aligned.

With ENAVATE' Security Kit, you can:

  • Reduce the time used on setting up roles and user rights by up to 50%
  • Get an easy overview of user rights and permissions for specific roles
  • Preserve a manageable structure based on Quality Assurance best practices
  • Monitor and report on your user rights set-up and license status
  • Avoid unexpected license costs
  • Faster set up of personalized user roles

Standard Dynamics AX roles can rarely be used without modifications. Additional duties and privileges are often needed to meet the specific roles unique to your organization. However, if these role customizations are not’t handled properly, it can lead to administrative headaches later, when managing roles and future upgrades.

To preserve a manageable structure, duplicates of the standard Dynamics AX security elements are used as a starting point for the customized roles. Each customized element is then handled in accordance with tried and tested best practices. For example, every modification is prefixed with either the partner or customer prefix in order to be able to trace it back to its source.

Get an easy overview of user rights

It can be difficult for IT and security administrators to get an overview of the configuration policies in Dynamics AX. This, in turn, makes it time-consuming to analyze and react to record-level access issues.

ENAVATE's Security Kit provides an overview of policies present in a system, including the roles and tables constrained by these policies. You can also easily enable or disable policies for troubleshooting or operational emergency scenarios.

With Security Kit, you can drill down to individual users and roles, and export your security set-up to Excel for further analysis.

Avoid unexpected licensing issues

Many companies don’t actually know whether they’re paying too much for licenses and are losing money as a consequence. Or whether they’re paying too little, and may be in for an shock later.

Security Kit makes it easy to analyze the number and types of licenses needed. You can see which licenses are being used by whom and why, and gain the overview you need to prevent unexpected license costs by tracking actual licenses versus expected licenses for selected roles.

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