Activate Your Data with Business Intelligence (BI)

    The Microsoft Dynamics Power Platform lets your team analyze, act on and automate your data with easy-to-use, no code/low code tools.

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    All the Data in the World Won’t Help You Achieve Your Business Goals Unless You Can Effectively Use It

    Sure, you’ve collected data across your entire organization. But is it giving you insights into your operations, your sales or your customers? Analytics, applications and automation can turn data into the fuel that powers your success.

    Make Better Business Decisions

    We Help Uncover Hidden Insights

    With Microsoft Power BI, we can help you bring data together and to the surface, as well as make it visible and shape it in a way that allows you to view information more clearly so you can make better decisions faster.

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    Build a Powerful Platform

    We provide the knowledge and experience needed to connect all your data from whatever sources you use. We help you build a strong platform beneath your business intelligence (BI) that will support your needs today and in the future.

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    Create a Powerful Team

    Microsoft Power BI is already a powerful tool that helps your team create its own reports, dashboards and analytics. We’ll make sure you can access the insights in all of your data.

    How Microsoft Got Employees to Embrace the Power of Data with Power BI

    Business Intelligence (BI) Beneath the Surface

    The Microsoft Power Platform provides robust tools to help you take inert data points and turn them into actionable insights. At Enavate, our expertise lies in building effective data structures beneath the Power Platform that will stand the test of time.

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    Business Intelligence for Everyone

    You don’t have to be a programmer to create dashboards and reports with powerful analytical tools. Microsoft Power BI lets everyone on your team dig deep into a common data source to get a clear picture of your business so you can make better decisions faster.

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    Turn Insights Into Action

    Power Apps offers prebuilt templates and drag-and-drop tools so everyone on your team can turn the intelligence unearthed from your analytics into real-world, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered applications that will make your business work better and smarter.

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    Eliminate Boring Tasks

    Make sure your team doesn’t miss a step and that they can build intelligence into their work. Power Automate gives your team easy-to-use tools to build automated processes that free them from tedious work.

    Enavate Makes Your Microsoft Power Platform More Powerful

    From building data structures and analytics tools to giving your team the confidence to build processes themselves, our team has the Power BI and industry expertise to help you make the most of your Power Platform.

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