Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales Done Right

    Whether you want to upgrade your current CRM platform or migrate to a different one, our team will make sure your platform works for you.

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    Lots of Data but Not Much to Show for It in Sales?

    It’s time to simplify your system if every field for every data point that you could ever want to capture is already in your CRM system but it’s not making your customer interactions better.

    For Sales and Marketing

    Start With Your Desired Outcomes

    Your CRM system is only as good as its implementation. We’ll analyze your needs first, then make sure your implementation is a smooth process from start to finish so you can crush your goals.

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    Simplify Your CRM Experience

    Humans can complicate things, and if all the complexity in your system isn’t leading to better customer engagement, it’s probably time to simplify things. We’ll help make your processes more efficient so it’s easier to find and use your data.

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    Eliminate Painful Manual Processes

    Why do things manually when you can automate them? From marketing campaigns to sales reports to support tickets, we’ll help you fine-tune your automation to do the heavy lifting.

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    Enhance Your Team’s Intelligence

    Better analytics depends on your data model, your systems integration and easy user navigation. We’ll help you organize and find the data that lives on any device, so you get all the benefits of your business intelligence.

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    Build a Solid Foundation

    Many businesses still struggle with the viability of their Cloud platform. We’ll help you get it right so you have a stable, usable platform you can rely on.

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    Mix and Match Your CRM Setup Any Way You Like

    Seamlessly integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution (Business Central or Finance and Operations) and Microsoft Outlook and Office solutions. Or use it as a standalone solution that integrates with another ERP system. You have the flexibility to do either or both.

    Integrate Your Systems

    Put the Power of Microsoft in Your Customer Engagement

    We’ll help you design a solution that lets you take advantage of all of Microsoft’s powerful resources.

    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Common Data Model

    A uniform data model that exists across the entire Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform allows you to have data that coexists on the customer engagement side as well as the finance and operations side.

    A Friendly, Familiar User Experience

    Users can work in the same friendly platform they’re used to working in all day with Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

    A Single Cloud-Based Platform

    From Microsoft Azure to Office 365 to SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales integrates fully with your existing Cloud-based Microsoft solutions.

    A Built-in AI Framework

    Operate faster, better and smarter. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales incorporates a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) framework that lets you know when you’ve just made a new sale or identifies your best opportunities.

    The Power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator couples with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to mine information about your buyers and identify mutual connections so you can have deeper, more personal customer interactions.

    Count on Enavate to Help You Realize the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

    We start with your goals and stick with you every step of the way—from implementation to adoption, we can help.

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