Sell Effectively with Dynamics 365 Sales

    Sales has gone digital with artificial intelligence-powered tools that help you better understand, engage with and respond to your customers. An expert Dynamics 365 Sales implementation empowers your people to deliver increased value and meaningful interactions that drive business.

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    Your Dynamics 365 Sales CRM Is Only as Good as Its Implementation

    You can put a compass in somebody's hands, but they’ll get lost if they don't know how to read it. We give you the compass and teach you how to use it. And when you’re ready to implement your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales customer engagement solution, we guarantee you’ll reach your destination without veering off the path.


    Rethink Customer Engagement

    A modern customer engagement solution built on artificial intelligence (AI) can take your data, turn it into insights and automate and personalize your customer interactions.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Intelligent business applications across your CRM and ERP let you start with what you need and add functionality as your business grows.

    Explore Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales

    Add Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales to your existing Microsoft licensing agreement for a significantly lower cost than a net-new license from another solution.

    Looking For More Meaningful Relationships?

    A lot of CRM system implementations fail, but our experts will stay focused from start to finish to ensure you have a successful Dynamics 365 Sales implementation and can begin building better customer relationships.

    Upgrade Your Current Microsoft Dynamics CRM Platform

    Go beyond sales force automation to build authentic relationships with your prospects at scale through LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Tap into contextual artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced insights and continue to do it all with familiar Microsoft tools that support your on-the-go team.

    Modernize Your CRM Solutions & Unleash Your Sales Team

    A feature here and a field there doesn’t seem like much. But before you know it, your CRM platform became so complex your team hates using it. If this is where you’re at, it may be time to start fresh.

    Understand Your Customers Better

    Target the right prospects and build relationships with them in real time using actionable artificial intelligence (AI) insights.

    Sell Seamlessly

    Help your team focus on their goals by giving them automatic processes and familiar, cohesive tools.

    Shorten the Sales Cycle

    Align your sales and marketing teams’ efforts (really!) and close deals faster with predictive analytics.

    Power Your Pipeline

    Effective analytics help you discover emerging trends and get a clearer view of your pipeline, deals and relationships.

    Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Work from home or anywhere else using your phone, tablet or computer, while keeping your critical data secure.

    Tailor. Extend. Connect.

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales makes it easy to adapt your solutions and connect them to other applications and services so you can keep up with technology and build stronger customer connections.

    Unite Your Sales Tools

    Upgrade to unify your Microsoft selling resources: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Microsoft 365.

    Make the Dream Work With Teamwork

    Boost collaboration and productivity by sharing information in real time with your team members.

    Discover How Dynamics 365 Can Transform Your Business