Our Culture

    We take our clients’ success personally. Businesses are more efficient, and more successful, when employees feel invested in the mission and the work. That’s empowerment. We challenge outdated management structures, corporate cultures and customer experiences that simply don’t work anymore. We have redefined the concept of leadership with our Pod Meister™ structure, successfully changing the business technology landscape.

    Enavate expert in partner's technologies

    At Enavate, the words “employee” and “boss” don’t exist. Our team members, Pod Meister™ and leaders work in self-directed pods, which have replaced traditional top-down management hierarchies. Through a culture of empowerment and shared purpose, our team members have the information and autonomy to make decisions in the best interest of our pods and customers. With a focus on complete transparency, we readily share all information with the team and embrace a sense of urgency and accountability with a strong dedication to results. Diversity and inclusion are part of our foundation, and every person understands their importance to the team and customer success.

    Benefits of a Pod-based System

    We operate in Pods lead by a Pod Meister™. Within each Pod, members are empowered to learn and grow through experience. With the autonomy to make impactful decisions, a Pod Meister™ leads a high-performing team all while delivering unmatched customer service.

    The Structure

    Today’s firms are more efficient, and more successful, when employees feel invested in the mission and the work. That’s empowerment. And the best model for achieving empowerment is the pod. A pod is a self-directed team that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the company and the customer.

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    The Pod Meister

    Each pod has a leader – the Pod Meister™ – but every member is involved in making decisions, and every member is expected to contribute. The Pod Meister™ is attuned to the level of experience and skills each member brings to the assignment – those with more experience in the subject matter, or in working in a pod, will need less guidance. Those with less experience will need more.

    The Culture of Empowerment

    In a traditional structure, decisions must be approved by the manager before being implemented. When your team members have the knowledge they need to make decisions and they are comfortable with that authority, then they are truly empowered.