Upgrade or Migrate Your ERP

    Enavate can help you upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics AX, GP, NAV or SL.

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    Build a Common Data Platform by Integrating All Your Core Systems

    How should you modernize your technology? The answer might be as simple as adding a new app, or as multifaceted as moving to a new ERP system. Whatever your path, we can help your business bring your ERP, CRM and other core systems together.


    What Makes Enavate Different

    Businesses are more efficient, and more successful, when employees feel invested in the mission and the work. That’s empowerment. At Enavate, we operate in a pod-based structure in order to deliver fast, efficient service to our clients. Each pod has a leader – the Pod Meister™ – but every member is involved in making decisions, and every member is expected to contribute. With the help of the Pod Meister™ and designated Pod, you can rest assured that you are working with the most experienced team members for the job.

    Modernize Your Business, Not Just Your Technology

    We analyze your needs first so we can match the right solution to your existing pain points and goals.

    Comprehensive, Real-Time Visibility

    Get ahead of disruptions and surprises, accelerate your processes and plan more effectively with reliable, up-to-the-minute insights.

    Accurate, Accessible Data in One Place

    Replace your spreadsheets and siloed information with unified operations, customer and finance data. Pulling it all together makes your data easily available for more strategic analysis and forecasting as well as artificial intelligence-assisted automation.

    Better Control With More Agility

    When you modernize your ERP solution, accurate and current data on your operations, customer demand and suppliers is effortlessly within reach. 

    Control Costs and Meet Dynamic Service Levels

    Cloud modernization not only reduces your business’ need for hands-on technology services but also your costs. With a Cloud system in place, your users have more self-service capabilities, giving your IT teams time to focus on delivering bigger-picture benefits.

    Aiming for Higher Satisfaction

    All your business divisions can be aligned as they serve internal and external stakeholders with integrated CRM and ERP systems.

    Adaptable and Scalable Systems

    As your business grows, finance and compliance requirements become even more complex. Cloud ERP can help your business adapt and scale quickly while providing always-on access to accurate data.

    Less Maintenance, More Independence

    By putting ERP in the Cloud, you can reduce your IT maintenance and give your IT team time for more essential work. Our experts will help you find the best solution, whether it’s within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family or NetSuite.

    Higher-Quality Analysis, Insights

    Whether you want to move off your legacy ERP or just move your ERP data to the Cloud through a secure container, we’ll help you improve your data quality so it’s available for analysis, process automation and critical insights.

    Secure and Compliant Processes

    Automatic, twice-yearly software updates can mean more compliant systems and reporting. And we’ll help you implement automation and better controls with the security of our public, hybrid or private Cloud solutions.

    More Profitable Growth

    Expansions, contractions, mergers or acquisitions require an integrated ERP, with added capabilities such as inventory and service management, to keep your business profitable.

    Replace End-of-Life Applications

    Outdated hardware and software can cause your business to fall behind your competitors, especially when tech support ends. Remaining competitive in today’s digital economy calls for modern systems configured for on-premises, Cloud or hybrid architectures.

    Integrate Systems and Workflows

    Having your data and workflows in different places can slow down your business’s response to threats and opportunities. But a migration project can bring your CRM, ERP and other systems together. The result? Faster processes and higher accountability.

    Count on Constantly Updated Applications

    Your business doesn’t have to wait years for an update. Our Cloud-based ERP solutions automatically update your software every six months.

    Align Production to Demand

    Control costs and deliver more responsive customer service with our ERP Cloud capabilities. Gain deeper insights into demand signals, and benefit from a more agile supply chain.

    Improve Inventory Accuracy

    Disparate systems, mismanaged warehouses and a lack of standardization can fog up your inventory visibility. Your inventory numbers will always be accurate and up to date with a common data service operating in your system.

    Create a Customer Feedback Loop

    Access the latest customer insights. Whether you’re adjusting production or developing product or service solutions, immediately apply those insights using integrated applications across product and customer life cycles.

    Tighter Control, Better Efficiency

    As we determine how to best configure your applications, we can also suggest ways to use your technology to make your processes more efficient or add tighter controls.

    Benefit From Cloud Services

    Moving your data to Cloud services brings immediate benefits across your entire organization: Your users will see faster processing and task automation and have more confidence in their assessments and decisions.

    Protect Against Data Loss

    Even Cloud-first organizations may need solutions for maintaining data that meet compliance and privacy regulations. We can help configure your applications and software environment, so you experience the benefits of Cloud while protecting your data.

    Standardization, Not Customizations

    Move your users from many systems to a single, standardized system configured to work well for everyone. Since no one has to play gatekeeper for a set of core data or capabilities, you’ll see increased agility.

    Support for Distributed Work

    Outdated on-premises applications can cause chaos. Modern Cloud technology can effectively support your growing workforce of remote employees, field workers or customer-facing reps.

    Improve Customer Engagement

    By analyzing real-time interactions, your business can provide timely responses across channels and more effectively engage with your customers.

    Easily Scale Service Offerings

    Reduce the time it takes to catch up to business growth. Align your data-driven analysis and planning functions and save on capital expenditure costs by adding Cloud-based capacity.

    Identify the Right Resources

    Improve your organization’s ability to match resources. Find where they’ll drive the most business benefit with unified finance and operations information.

    Align Services to Your Goals

    Cloud solutions can bring more agility to your business. Modernizing with the Cloud makes it easier for your client services staff to stay aligned to your business objectives because core functions are working with integrated data and workflows.

    A Proven and Predictable Path

    Enavate provides a path to upgrade or migrate your ERP to the Cloud or on-premises based on your requirements, as Microsoft reduces its major investments in legacy products such as Dynamics AX, GP, SL and NAV.

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    Microsoft Implementation

    We can help identify and configure the best Microsoft application for your industry and organization with the benefit of Cloud technology.

    Is Now the Time to Modernize Your ERP?

    Let our experts assess your needs and provide guidance.

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