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    Whatever industry your company is in, we can help you implement and optimize an ERP solution that solves your biggest business challenges.

    An ERP for Your Specific Needs

    With more than 400 team members working with 3,000 Microsoft Dynamics clients, we have the experience to ensure your ERP isn’t a cookie-cutter solution but one customized to work with your business.

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    Consumer Industries and Retail

    Staying on top of customer demands and trends requires real-time data and superhero-like agility. Get the ERP you need to tie your sales, inventory, supply, staffing and customer data together into one system for a single source of truth you can trust.


    With extensive experience in the beverage industry, we can support wineries, breweries, distilleries or bottlers of any kind. Your ERP solution needs to be as unique as your beverage so your processes will be streamlined and you can focus on your product.

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    Office Products

    Get an industry-specific solution to streamline operations and keep customers returning. Integrate with channel partners and wholesalers, automate inventory and offer customer-friendly tools, like budget controls and the ability to guide purchases to contract items.

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    High Tech and Software Development

    With the right ERP, your technology company can focus on what it does best—building and releasing products that satisfy your customers’ needs—while providing your teams with the information they need to keep sales moving, roles filled and margins healthy.

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    We can help unify your systems so you have one trustworthy source of accurate data. We’ll also ensure your systems meet all regulatory rules to keep your data secure, and we can help you easily analyze your data with advanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven modeling and forecasting tools.

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    Travel and Transportation

    Your business can go anywhere with an ERP that ties the specialized applications and data you need for travel bookings, management and transportation logistics together with your financial, HR, customer and other critical information.

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    Bring the data you need—financial, sales and more—into a single, secured system with advanced, AI-driven business intelligence tools. Keep on top of current figures, forecast sales and growth and plan your business’ future.

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    Enavate: Customized ERP and Cloud Solutions Backed by Industry Expertise

    We know ERP and Cloud, and we want to get to know your business just as well. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our experts will collaborate closely with you to build, maintain and optimize a customized ERP solution that seamlessly connects the core functions and data of your business, alongside the industry-specific applications that keep your business running smoothly.

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    The personal connection was crucial to us. It was there not just in the sales phase but followed through into building the project.

    David VerrethUnit Manager, SD Worx

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