Implement a New Cloud ERP

    Break down your business’ data silos to secure a single source of truth that allows you to make insightful decisions more quickly.

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    How Cloud ERP Simplifies the Decision-Making Process

    The right ERP solution will eliminate your business’ data silos, so you and your teams have the information to quickly make insightful decisions. By unifying your HR, sales, marketing, finance and supply chain systems, an ERP solution creates a real-time, single source of data truth for your entire organization.


    What Makes Enavate Different

    Businesses are more efficient, and more successful, when employees feel invested in the mission and the work. That’s empowerment. At Enavate, we operate in a pod-based structure in order to deliver fast, efficient service to our clients. Each pod has a leader – the Pod Meister™ – but every member is involved in making decisions, and every member is expected to contribute. With the help of the Pod Meister™ and designated Pod, you can rest assured that you are working with the most experienced team members for the job.

    Modernize Your Operations

    Move your organization from a system of separate solutions and spreadsheets to a single Cloud-based ERP solution that brings digital transformation to every corner of your business.

    The Big Picture

    There are so many external forces that can affect business outcomes. How can you respond? Unifying disconnected systems into a single Cloud-based ERP will get you real-time data that’s easy to access, digest and act on.

    Business Intelligence When You Need It

    Financial reporting and planning can’t wait for manual aggregation, let alone data that may be incomplete or outdated by the time it reaches your finance office. Upgrade your processes with smart technology that does the heavy lifting.

    Data-Driven Agility and Flexibility

    Being able to produce according to plan—and having the ability to shift plans on a dime when supply chain disruptions or other events occur—means having eyes on real-time financial, operations, sales and production-floor data. The right ERP provides the information you need to keep operations running at optimal levels.

    Secured, Cloud-Based, Integrated Systems

    You need secured data, systems that integrate smoothly and automated, easy-to-use tools with the business intelligence and efficiency your users demand. Moving to a Cloud ERP solution satisfies users and leaders alike while minimizing your technology stack’s complexity.

    Streamlined Processes to Maximize Revenue

    The information you need to efficiently allocate resources to best match your clients’ needs shouldn’t live in your brain or in spreadsheets. You need accurate, up-to-date data to fuel efficient processes and boost revenue.

    Real-Time Insights

    Don’t wait days for outdated reports. Act quickly with the easy-to-use dashboards that come with our advanced, artificial intelligence-driven business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools.

    Integration Across the Organization

    To truly understand what’s happening between finance, sales, supply chain, production, customer service and more, you need a singular view of your integrated business functions.

    Accurately Sourced Forecasts

    Plan for your business’ future with reliable data to help you with cashflow, sales, demand and other forecasts.

    Agility for Competitive Strength

    Gain the agility and adaptability your business needs to stay ahead of the competition with credible insights you can access quickly.

    Integrated Data

    To get the numbers you need to plan profitability, you must be able to access integrated sales, operations and finance data. A Cloud-based ERP can bring that data—and more—together for easy viewing and intelligent analysis that you can retrieve anywhere, anytime.

    Easier Reporting

    When you and your teams are able to depend on an ERP solution for accessible reporting anytime you need it, you can use the time you used to spend scrambling for quarterly and annual reporting to focus on higher-value strategy work.

    Quicker Decision-Making

    No more second guessing your data’s accuracy, timeliness or completeness when it’s time to make a decision. With built-in business intelligence and real-time data, you can assess and act quickly.

    Regulatory Compliance and Security

    Disparate systems can introduce security issues and make you wonder about how well you’re meeting compliance measures. Use an ERP system that simplifies and strengthens security and discloses its regulatory compliance features.

    A Broader View Into Operations

    Get on-demand views of inventory levels, staff allocation, supply chain, sales demand and other factors that critically affect production.

    Agile Operations

    With more accurate, complete data and intelligent analysis tools, you can forecast and plan production to hit KPIs, as well as shift quickly to meet supply and demand changes.

    Cost and Process Improvements

    Improved visibility across inventory, staffing and procurement helps your business reduce waste, uncover cost reduction opportunities, improve processes and work more closely with finance.

    Happier Customers

    Better data helps you hit production KPIs and improve staff allocation, response times, on-time delivery and order accuracy to improve your customers’ overall experience.

    Data Security

    The security gaps your disparate systems can cause need constant patches and upgrades. It’s a risk your business can’t afford. You need a single, Cloud-based solution backed by a publisher with security features you can trust.

    Automation and Intelligence

    End users need intelligent tools that remove the manual work from their jobs. With the artificial intelligence, business intelligence and machine learning features of a top-rated ERP, your teams will have the data and actionable insights they need to be more productive.

    Integrated Systems

    When data is housed in different systems, departmental silos stifle collaboration, efficiency and innovation. Help your team work smarter, not harder, with an ERP that brings together finance, operations, HR, sales, marketing and more.

    Ease of IT Management

    When IT teams don’t have to maintain a patchwork of legacy tools, security gaps and user complaints, they can work on more satisfying, strategic projects that make better use of their skills.

    Resource Management

    Keep clients happy and projects running smoothly with the right information at your fingertips, including schedules, skill mapping, and certification verification.

    KPIs That Matter

    Easily access the KPIs that matter most to you in an intuitive dashboard you can access anytime, anywhere. Spot opportunities for process improvements, efficiencies and cost savings.

    ERP and CRM Integration

    Track client satisfaction and uncover trends and new service ideas more easily with a system that integrates ERP, CRM, operations and HR.

    Improve Business Performance

    Accurately deploy resources, find cost savings, calculate utilization and realization and boost revenue by tying information together from across the business.

    Enavate: The Key to ERP Success

    Moving from disparate systems, spreadsheets and databases to an ERP system is no small task. It’s the underpinning of your business’s technology transformation. We’ve helped thousands of customers successfully implement ERP solutions, and we can help you, too.

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    Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the power of choice and agility with business applications that integrate across functions in a familiar environment. You can start with the applications you need and then add as you grow. We’ll help you decide if Microsoft would be best for your business.

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