May 28, 2024

    Conquering Your Competitors with the Combined Power of Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central

    Every executive understands that without an efficient sales department, a company cannot generate revenue, while a well-orchestrated back office ensures operational stability. Many businesses struggle with optimizing and synchronizing processes across all departments. The gap between sales and the back office can lead to inefficiencies, data fragmentation, and missed opportunities.

    The leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with Business Central bridges this gap. By combining customer-facing sales processes with the core financial and operational aspects of a business, integrating these systems will provide sales teams with relevant data and the back office with up-to-date analytics and a holistic view of customer data.

    In the competitive landscape of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the integration of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with Business Central offers a powerful solution to streamline operations, enhance sales efficiency, and drive business growth. Sales and Operations leadership in SMBs can discover how this integration can transform your business processes. 

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales uses automation and real-time insights to help your sellers manage their contact pipelines, better understand their current customers’ needs and find promising new sales opportunities. It can also give your sales leaders the tools to guide their teams and track their performance. 

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is a comprehensive business management solution, that aligns financial management, supply chain operations, project management, and other significant business functions.

    Since BC and Sales exist in the same Microsoft Dynamics ecosystem, each solution boosts the functionality of the other. Working together, these two business systems turn into a powerful platform with easily shared data and reduced time and effort spent on information transfer. This seamless integration ensures that information is consistent across both systems, but also simplifies workflows between sales and finance, resulting in these benefits.

    Real-Time Inventory Management 

    Business Central makes monitoring and updating inventory levels easy for your back-end teams. But if your sales team is working from manually edited spreadsheets, the chances of crucial information slipping through the cracks go up significantly — which, in turn, could lead to a sales rep trying to sell a product that doesn’t have enough stock to complete the order. 

    BC and Sales work together to keep your inventory data up to date across applications so that your sales team always knows how much of each product is currently available to be sold. 

    Automated Order Processing 

    Order processing can be a headache, but not when Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Central are integrated. This integration makes the entire order process smooth and error-free. Your sales reps can easily create orders with accurate pricing and inventory information.

    At the back end, orders can be received from Sales and used to automatically create and post sales orders in BC. Even if the order contains write-in products that aren’t listed in either app, BC and Sales allow processors to enter those non-registered products and map them to a particular item or resource number.   

    After the order has been fulfilled, it’s easy to create an invoice in BC and transfer it to Sales, and then update the invoice status once it’s been paid.

    Enhanced Quote Processing 

    BC and Sales’ automation capabilities are also useful for sales quotes. If a rep activates a quote in Sales, it can automatically be transferred to BC. And each time the quote is revised, previous versions of the quote can automatically be archived, giving users of both apps a clear record of how the quote evolved over time. 

    Improved Customer Insights 

    Combining data from both systems provides a comprehensive view of customers, including sales interactions, order history, and status for a holistic view that helps sales teams better understand and serve customers. 

    BC and Sales can both feed data through Power BI to provide advanced analytics and generate useful reports. For example, if you use Power BI in BC to assess the state of the market and discover products that could deliver higher margins, you can easily transfer that report to Sales and incorporate it directly into your sales team’s workflow, encouraging them to push those products.  

    By leveraging combined data, SMBs can utilize advanced analytics and AI capabilities to predict customer needs and sales trends, enabling proactive decision-making.  

    Unified Financial Management 

    Integrating Dynamics 365 Sales with Business Central ensures that sales data flows seamlessly into your financial systems. This supports accurate revenue tracking and financial reporting, enhancing financial integrity and simplifying compliance with accounting standards. Your finance team can plan and forecast better by having reliable sales projections and actuals at their fingertips.  

    Get the most out of BC and Sales with Enavate 

    Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with Business Central empowers Sales and Operations leaders in SMBs to optimize their business processes, improve efficiency, and drive growth. By leveraging automation, real-time insights, and comprehensive data integration, your business can enhance customer satisfaction, streamline operations, and achieve better financial management. 

    At Enavate, our team of implementation experts can ensure that the entire process goes smoothly and that you’re set up for widespread, enthusiastic adoption of everything both apps offer.

    Ready to transform your sales and operations with Dynamics 365? Contact us today to learn how we can help your SMB integrate these powerful tools and drive business success. 

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