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    Ukraine Only (remote): Microsoft Dynamics BC Software Development Internship for Students

    Would you like to start your career with a Microsoft Gold Partner? You are in the right place! Enrollment for Enavate's online Software Development Academy is open. The best students may receive an internship offer.

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    Our Candidate Profile

    • You are pursuing Bachelor's or Master's degree in a Technical/IT discipline (3-6-year student).
    • You have a basic understanding and practice in any programming language (like C, C#, Pascal, Basic, SQL)
    • You like coding, but not at a low level. You would enjoy combining coding with an understanding of business logic, learning new industries, being in touch with clients, and developing solutions without coding as well.
    • You have good abstract thinking and analytical skills.
    • Your English level is no less than Intermediate.
    • You are self-disciplined and a quick learner.
    • You have a personal laptop/PC and a good internet connection for remote Academy.
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    How it Works

    • April 12 – May 10: Apply and get selected
    • May 17 – June 25: Attend Academy (Online)
    • June 29 – 30: Pass the final exam and interview
    • July 1 – 2: Receive your results from the Academy (best students get an internship offer)
    • July 5: Start the internship
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    What to Expect

    Academy Icon
    Pre-Internship Academy

    This is an opportunity to figure out if this is what you want, and for us to find the best students. It will have one month of live online lectures and workshops (2-4 hours, three times per week after your classes at university).

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    5 Weeks of Active Studying in the Academy

    Lectures, workshops, labs, team projects with experienced lecturers and mentors online – you could study from any place in Ukraine where you feel safe and comfortable. All participants will get certificates!

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    Work on Real Tasks With Empowered Professionals

    The best Academy participants get offered an internship with a clear career path for one year, as well as achievable goals and performance reviews. You’ll be joining a truly empowered corporate culture; our mission is to give you the incentives, flexibility, and resources you need for rapid professional growth.

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    We Offer

    Internship benefits include working remotely from any location in Ukraine, paid time off, a flexible workload of 20 hours/week, medical insurance compensation after the sixth month, compensation for certification, free English lessons, and a Bring Your Own Device program. What's more, you'll get a monthly stipend that will grow each month based on your performance.

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    Professional Mentorship

    Our mentors' goal is to help you succeed. They will guide you through education process and your first steps on real projects. Our clients' geography: USA, Great Britain, EU, Canada.

    Here's How to Start Your Career With Enavate Academy

    Step 3
    Step 3

    Online Technical Assessment
    If you are selected after completing Step 1 and Step 2, we will contact you within 24-48 hours to invite for a technical assessment (online).

    I was an ordinary third-year student of Applied Mathematics at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv until I came to the Enavate Academy. It was interesting to try myself in the field of business analysis and I was pleasantly surprised when realized that I had the opportunity to use the skills I already had and realize my potential.

    In addition to working with CRM, I also developed my soft skills such as time management and communication. English classes with our teacher have got me to reconsider my attitude to business letters. Work on my current project is versatile and I do not have an opportunity to get bored. Besides, I am constantly learning something new, and my colleagues always support me when help is needed.

    I am very glad that I have become a part of Enavate family, and I hope that our cooperation will remain the same favorable to both parties.

    Kateryna PirkovetsBusiness Analyst, joined in June 2020 as an Intern

    I took part at Enavate Academy on my sixth studying year at System Engineering, so it was a convenient way to get to work after university. During the academy, one of the most useful points was a constant opportunity to ask questions or advise to decide the problem and move forward. We had much more practice tasks than theory and I even didn`t use any lecture notes. The final project was interesting too – the purpose was to modulate real enterprise according to business process within the CRM and offer an approach for data architecture. I even painted a simple design of a mobile application for that. So, you`ll get the possibility to meet with some related but quite large areas of knowledge.

    After successful graduating despite once character or approach to work, you`ll find your place in our team.

    Maksym KomisarBusiness Analyst, joined in June 2020 as an Intern

    I got into Enavate Academy when I was a third-year student at the Institute of Applied System Analysis of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, so it was interesting for me to apply the knowledge that I have got in the university. From the first lecture, I get the acquaintance with Microsoft D365 world. Passing the Enavate Academy was challenging, but very interesting. Our lecturers were always ready to help or answer our questions. From the first day of the Internship, our intern team had an opportunity to apply the knowledge that we had received in the Academy and help the company, make our quarantine life more comfortable. Also, we continued to learn and get new skills thanks to the great team which consists of specialists in D365. Even though our Internship was mostly remote we have good communication with mentors and the team.

    Currently, I am working on a huge project where I get a lot of useful experience. Since the project is going to be finished soon, I hope that future projects would be at least as interesting as the current one and would have lots of opportunities to grow as a specialist.

    Anna KravchenkoSoftware Development Engineer, joined in June 2020 as an Intern

    Enavate is the best place to start your career! It is an opportunity to work in an international company with the same culture and attitude to the team members, whether you are based in the USA, Canada, Ukraine or Belarus. All our interns and I were assigned to the projects with large American or European customers just from the beginning of the Internship.

    Enavate is very flexible, our offices work from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. you can manage your schedule avoiding missing classes at the University.

    Also, Enavate supports your professional development in many ways. For example, as we are Microsoft Gold Partner you will have an opportunity to study using Microsoft materials and became a Microsoft Certified specialist.

    Oleksandra KollieBusiness Analyst, joined Enavate in Feb. 2019 as an intern

    My name is Maksim and I got into Enavate Academy right after finishing my second year of studying computer science at the university. Every day of the Academy was filled with learning various aspects of Microsoft Dynamics 365, a platform I’ve had no experience with. However, due to the outstanding work of mentors, I was able to start my internship working on a real project. I will never forget the first demo I had with a customer, how nervous I was and what great feedback I’ve received! During the next year, I’ve worked on several projects with an ever-increasing list of new technologies to learn. As a result, now I am going to share gained knowledge with colleagues from all over the world by presenting at the international conference held in Barcelona.

    Maksim TsiarokhinSoftware Development Engineer, joined Enavate in Apr. 2018 as an intern

    I was looking for a part-time job while pursuing my bachelor`s degree at the Institute of Applied Systems Analysis. Enavate was recommended to me by one of our professors as a great place to start a career, so I decided to give it a try.

    What surprised me very much in a good way – throughout the whole internship, my schedule was super flexible. I mean I could start working even at 4-5 pm after my classes and it was fine if we keep in touch with my mentor. The company was very attentive to my university needs and even pushed me to go for a Master`s degree when I had doubts.

    Now I am on a good stable project with the customer from Canada. My schedule is still very flexible even though I am a full-time team member. I have a lot of opportunities for personal growth, for example, I am a part of the EU Leadership Team where we are generating ideas of improvements in our region. As for the technical skills growth, it depends on the project and your drive for self-education. By the way, the company covers 60 hours per year that you may spend on your self-education.

    Illya RomanenkoSolution Developer Expert (Sr Engineer), joined Enavate in Apr. 2017 as an intern

    I got into Enavate Academy during the fourth grade of a bachelor’s degree in applied math. Going through the academy was tough but it was worth it. During the academy, we were led through the main concepts of Microsoft D365 and from the first day of the Internship I was involved in a real project. At the beginning I was having a hard time talking to customers, running the demo, but thanks to the cohesive team which was always ready to pitch in, all interns overcame difficulties. Also, it worth mentioning that from the beginning every intern had a mentor who was always there to help us find our way. At Enavate I understood how cool it is when such a big amount of purposeful and interesting people gather under one goal.

    Currently, I am working on the project for Microsoft where I am getting tons of interesting experience and challenges. There are lots of opportunities to stretch yourself even for the newest team members.

    Tetiana KarpenkoSoftware Development Engineer, joined Enavate in Apr. 2017 as an intern

    I started my career at Enavate as an Intern after the Academy. I was a 4th-year student of KPI`s Applied Mathematics faculty. With graduation coming soon I felt like I need to start doing something real plus extra money was a good point for me. After some time of adaptation, I was assigned to the project with Belgium customer. One of the most challenging things for me was not even a technical part – it was my English level. That was a real roadblock, but at Enavate I managed to improve my English significantly. There is a whole English academy inside the company where cool teachers provide you with classes, workshops, speaking clubs, etc. I set myself a goal and as a result – last year I went to Antwerp, Belgium for a business trip and successfully conducted training for our customers.

    Viacheslav KyslyiSolution Developer Expert (Sr Engineer), joined Enavate in Aug. 2016 as an intern