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    December 29, 2021

    How to Choose a Technology Service Provider: Resellers, MSPs & Partners

    We’ve entered a new reality for most organizations: The Cloud is essential to business continuity and success.  

    You can’t afford to go it alone with just your in-house IT teams to “make it work.” You want to do more than make the Cloud work – you want to leverage it to be a true asset for your company.  

    Enlisting the help of a Value-Added Reseller (VAR) can be a great place to start.  

    VARs sell and implement technology solutions. But don’t make the mistake of assuming a VAR will take care of everything you need. The current business environment and urgent need for remote access are driving digital transformation and a role change for service providers. Cloud technology and licensing can be complex and is constantly evolving. Digital transformation isn’t a one-and-done project. 

    Hiring a VAR to set up your technology and Cloud infrastructure may leave you with a whole lot of functionality you can’t use. 

    “You need to know upfront if your provider is going to actively work with you to help you achieve your goals? Do they partner with you, or are they simply selling you the technology?" – Kevin Armstrong, Global Strategy Leader 

    Many resellers and solution providers are stepping up their game, shifting from a transactional approach to a partnered one. Enavate’s taken this approach from day one.  

    While the technology field categorizes Enavate as a VAR – one of the top 100 according to Bob Scott and Accounting Today – we do much more than offer licensing to our clients. Our client relationships are not transactional, they’re personal, with a commitment to help our clients innovate and thrive. 

    Differences Between a Value-Added Reseller, Managed Service Provider and a Trusted Partner 

    Traditionally, a VAR is a solution consultant and provider; the customer relationship tends to be transactional in nature. They implement software or provide services along with additional enhancement solutions for clients.  

    Managed Service Providers (MSPs) may also sell and implement a solution as part of their total offerings, but generally are more service based. They provide continual IT support post implementation, whether they’ve implemented the solutions or not. 

    Many companies provide managed services. They manage your IT infrastructure daily, including maintenance, repairs, security, backup and disaster recovery, data storage, application management and more. They can even manage your email and helpdesk.  

    A trusted partner is the best of both worlds and more, offering a personal and unique strategy for a client. Enavate offers clients licensing and managed services. But that’s only part of the equation. As a trusted partner, Enavate also works with clients on their strategy and business goals.  

    We help clients capture opportunities as their technology and software needs evolve. We work side-by-side with our clients as they embark on their path to the Cloud. 

    “You want that expertise. You want to improve your performance, improve your efficiencies, gain a competitive advantage by maximizing your infrastructure.” – Kevin Armstrong  

    What a Trusted Technology Partner Brings to the Table 

    Traditional VARs sell you licensing. MSPs keep your infrastructure in shape. Trusted technology partners offer both and so much more.  

    “You don't want just a provider of technology. You want an organization that will partner with you, especially around the Cloud because you've got a lot of decisions to make. Enavate provides a very specific perspective around these applications in a Cloud environment that is extremely valuable.” – Kevin Armstrong 

    Beyond consulting, implementation and IT support, a partner helps with: 

    • Thorough assessment of your current infrastructure 
    • Training and education 
    • Change management 
    • Process improvement 
    • Optimizing your tech stack 
    • Selecting and integrating enhancement solutions through independent software vendors (ISVs) 
    • Strategizing to reach your business goals 
    • Measuring results  
    • Designing your path to the Cloud 
    • Conducting individual projects related to IT 
    • Providing support in emergencies 
    • Supporting technology that can scale with your business 

    A trusted partner becomes a component of your internal team. They identify and manage the best solutions for your organization through meaningful discussions, strategic planning and whiteboard sessions.  

    “It is crucial to work with a partner, somebody who can provide you with a roadmap and an assessment. A true partner helps provide direction to build a proper plan from the very beginning, so that you can get over the hump in terms of risk and costs and all those elements that keep you from moving forward. And then long term, a partner that makes you feel comfortable, that they are really looking at all of the challenges that you’ve got.” – Kevin Armstrong 

    Enavate has years of successful ERP implementation and Cloud migration experience. We’re known for our: 

    • Customer service and support 
    • Turnkey and subscription-based offerings 
    • Microsoft Gold Partner certifications  
    • Strategic partnerships with Microsoft, NetSuite, Citrix, ISVs and more 

    (Before you say “I do” to a Cloud partner, make sure you truly understand what they offer so you can determine if it’s the right match. Look at six critical questions to ask when choosing a Cloud provider.)  

    Value-Added Reseller vs. Partner: Which is Right for You? 

    A VAR is suitable if your IT staff can handle the complexities of the Cloud, digital transformation and any need to scale. It can be a quicker, less expensive approach if you don’t need a hands-on provider. However, few small to midsized businesses have the capacity to manage a Cloud migration and ERP customizations without continued support from an external provider – especially with the rate that technology evolves.  

    “Clients want to at least have the option of selecting an organization that's going to know who they are when they call. They want the reassurance that this is an experienced team that will explore and understand their environment. They can take comfort that a true partner will know a little bit about their one-, three-, five-year plan. There's something to be said about becoming familiar and having an actual relationship with your partner as they're taking you through this journey. I think we are at our best when we're able to build a trust-based relationship and show them that we've got them covered.” – Kevin Armstrong 

    A trusted partner can help you continually transform as offerings evolve. If you’re interested in working with a trusted technology partner, reach out to us at Enavate and request a call with our team. 

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