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    February 25, 2021

    Dynamics GP Inventory Stock Calendar Maintenance Limitation Solved

    For decades, the programming behind the Stock Calendar Maintenance window in the Microsoft Dynamics GP Inventory module had a limitation on the Year drop-down list. This limitation was not discovered until January 2021. If you work with this window, it is likely you’ve noticed this issue by now.

    The limitation was brought to our attention early in the year, and we quickly got to work on a solution.

    stock calendar maintenance

    This limitation is in place because the programming set a range of years from 1994 to 2020. When a user selects a year outside of this range, they see a warning message that reads, “The user date is outside of the range for the Stock Count Calendar Year.”

    From there, the user is not able to choose a year outside of the range, as shown above.

    Microsoft has since fixed this limitation in the current two supported GP versions, 2016 and 2018. However, you are still unable to use dates outside of the range programmed in the Stock Calendar Maintenance window IF:

    • You are on a previous version of GP and use the Stock Calendar Maintenance window but can’t implement the latest service patch.
    • Or you are on an unsupported version of GP.

    Fortunately, Enavate has a solution for you.

    Enavate has a created a simple GP add-in that will increase the Year drop-down list to 2035. This add-in is easy to install; there is no configuration necessary. Simply contact us to learn more about this quick, affordable fix. We will send you the add-in download and instructions, and you can have this issue fixed within 24 hours. We’re confident this fix will work in most scenarios. If, for any reason, it doesn’t work for you, we can discuss a custom option.

    Contact us to learn more about this solution.

    Rick Rustad

    Rick Rustad joined Enavate in November 2019 with nearly 30 years’ experience with Dynamics GP and Dexterity. His current role and title is Senior Dynamics GP Developer which consists of designing and developing solutions that are not built-in functionalities in Dynamics GP. He is an entrepreneur who enjoys rodeos, downhill skiing, SCUBA diving and parachuting.

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