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    December 20, 2021

    Enavate Visionary Award Winners Recognize Team Members for Excellence

    Enavate’s successes come from the efforts of our empowered team and our core values. 

    • Innovation – We explore, evolve and seek excellence on every level. 
    • Results – We are achievers who set high goals and reach them. 
    • Integrity – We are trustworthy. Our word is our bond. 
    • Team Members – We take care of our own. 

    That’s why on Enavate’s seventh birthday, we’re recognizing team members that live those values and have contributed to another successful year with our annual Enavate Visionary Awards.  

    In customary Enavate fashion, team members chose the winners and provided heartfelt nomination messages, such as the ones below. Congratulations to both nominees and winners! 

    Team Members Living Our Core Values 

    • Kateryna Furlet, Visionary Award winner, Core Value: Team Members – “Kateryna’s aptitude for problem-solving and supporting team members is amazing. She is one of the best agents of culture who leads by example and truly supports the culture of empowerment.”  
    • Valeriia Krut, Visionary Award winner, Core Value: Results – “Valeria for this year achieved unbelievable results. She’s not only changed a project, but she has also started to lead the team and is responsible for them. She is a person who sets goals and achieves them.”  
    • Robert Shurtleff, Visionary Award winner, Core Value: Innovation – “Robert is constantly exploring and evolving Enavate’s experience with new technology and products. He is able to not only have the innovation discussions with clients but has also been instrumental in holding the internal Power Platform classes for certification. If you want to know anything about technology/innovation, go to Robert.”  
    • Kristin Darga, Visionary Award winner, Core Value: Integrity – “Kristin pushes us when we need the push and encourages us to get and be better. She really cares for the team and Enavate as a whole. She has such an impact and makes a difference. Kristin and her coaching keeps us individually and as a company honest and true to our culture.”  

    Pod Team Members of the Year 

    • Pod Meister™ of the Year – Ievgen Schastlivtsev, Project Team LeaderEnterprise and Partner Services 
      • “Ievgen does a great job at leading by example and demonstrating optimism in the face of uncertainty. He is someone others want to follow. Ievgen creates a culture of mutual trust and caring by always acting with integrity, accountability and transparency. He has a natural gift to motivate and support people. His decisions and ideas are aimed to the future and always aligned with Enavate’s vision and core values.” 
    • Executive Leadership Pod – Chad Sogge, Enterprise and Partner Services Pod Meister™ 
      • “Chad has made some amazing contributions to Enavate. He was able to join the team and work through securing the GP RFP for the Dynamics GP development work for four years. He also has been driving many other initiatives within Enavate. I would describe Chad as a driven individual, but one that has a calm demeanor. He is a great listener and provides his thoughts, but never pushes his ideas down to make you feel like there is no choice by to go with his suggestion.” 
    • Enavate Consulting Services (ECS) – Rob Pratt, Cloud Implementation Specialist 
      • “Rob started process improvements where he saw the opportunity to do so. He’s created a process to import customer information into Service Now that gives all team members essential info on new customers for troubleshooting, for example. If you need help with anything, Rob will have a new and different viewpoint to help improve.” 
    • Enavate Partner Services (EPS) – Maksym Rusin, Lead Technical Solution Architect  
      • “Maksym’s fellow team members really respect him and appreciate the time he takes to train other developers and collaborate with them – which he does even with a full project workload. We need more team members like Maksym at Enavate, willing to mentor fellow team members to assist them in the progression of their careers.” 
    • Enavate Human Relations and Culture (HRC) – Michele Herrera, Global HR Operations Lead 
      • “Michele stepped up into interim CPO (Chief People Officer) while we needed someone to take the lead. She continued to do her job, the CPO job and did it without a complaint or concern for herself. She didn’t ask for anything and it was a tremendous commitment to take one. It was in full service to the company, our goals and needs, and was a beautiful example of embodying the commitment she has to the company and our team members.” 
    • Enavate Finance and IT – Renee Gibbs, Senior Staff Accountant  
      • “Renee is always putting others first and makes sure everyone on the team is happy and healthy. In the difficult times when FIT pod lost some key experienced members, she had to work under a lot of pressure and no backup available. But she got through all the challenges securing essential reporting and accounting of the company during that time.” 
    • Enavate Experience – Ed Hazan, Account Manager Leader  
      • “Ed is a great team player and always showing the team how he is achieving results. Ed has brought in some really large deals to the team this year. He is exceptionally ethical and honest in his dealings with customers and his peers.” 

    Congratulations again to our award winners and our nominees. It says a lot about our organization to have so many team members recognizing their peers. Thank you for being part of our Enavate team. 

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