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    January 27, 2023

    Enavate’s Suite of Power BI Training Programs: Something for Everyone

    Microsoft Power BI is known for being user-friendly; a tool that anyone can use to improve their business. However, to make the most of your experience and get the best outcomes efficiently and expertly most users can get a big lift from guided, professional training. 

    Enavate offers three levels of guided Power BI training: 

    • Level One: Dashboard in a Day 
    • Level Two: Learn Power BI with Your Data 
    • Level Three: One-on-One Training 

    It’s important to enter your training at the right level for your proficiency. Think of tech training like learning a new fitness regimen. Level One is where you follow an online workout of five things everyone should do. Level Two is following a regimen specific to people in your age group. And Level Three is working with a personal trainer to gain one-on-one support and guidance to achieve your specific goals. 

    Keep in mind, these Enavate trainings aren’t tied to implementation and are open to anyone. So, whether you’ve been working in Power BI for a few years or you’re just about to log in for the first time, Enavate experts are available to expand your knowledge and capabilities to get you to the next level. 

    “Training with Enavate was well structured. They were great throughout the entire process and beyond. You always come across things once you’re out of training once you are actually using the product and Enavate was right there behind us through the whole thing providing training support.” - Tammy Koehler, Andretti Indoor Karting & Games 

    Level One: Dashboard in a Day  

    Dashboard in a Day is a general Power BI training from Microsoft that uses a provided dataset. You connect to Excel data sources and learn how to use visualizations and manipulate the data. It doesn’t tie to any enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. 

    For our offering, we guide users through effective use of this training and customize it, so it’s more applicable to their operations. We break the course up into two four-hour sessions, and trainees can interact and ask questions as we conduct the walkthrough.  

    This training is structured in one-hour blocks. Each block begins with an overview of Power BI followed by a lab session to practice what you just learned. Our expert trainer walks through what to expect. Then, trainees have 45 minutes to follow instructions for the lab to apply what they’ve learned. The trainer remains available to help and answer questions.  

    Note: Some labs are long and you may not complete them in time. This won’t hold you back. The next lab will have a new report prepped and ready for you to use, so no one falls behind. 

    If you’re starting from scratch, with little to no experience with Power BI, or if you’re struggling to use the tool, this is a perfect entry point to understanding how it works and gaining exposure to the tool. 

    Level Two: Learn Power BI With Your Data  

    The Learn Power BI with Your Data is the mid-level Power BI training from Enavate. It is a four-hour class which involves using your own ERP system to learn more about the functionality of Power BI. This is similar to the pre-built trainings we’ve developed for both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

    For this, you might have three report writers and your accounting specialist in the training. We connect to your ERP data and show you how to access tables and use visualizations. It doesn’t go into details you may not need the way Dashboard in a Day does. It’s more focused and hands-on, working with your specific data and teaching you how to interact with it. This training doesn’t involve lab sessions, but you’ll walk away with two reports using your ERP data.  

    If you have some exposure to Power BI but you aren’t sure how to interact with your dataset, and if you want to train multiple people on your team, this is the right level for you. 

    Level Three: One-on-One  

    For the third level of training, our team dives into specific reports and functionalities that you’re interested in mastering. This training is billed hourly to accommodate the differing needs from one customer to another. 

    For example, if you want us to show you how to build a specific report, we’ll first meet with you to show you how to connect to the Desktop overview, so you can familiarize yourself with the interface and your data to determine your needs. Then, we’ll meet again to discuss where you’re stuck, so we can show you how to get past any issue. You can then try it on your own ahead of the next meeting. 

    Enavate not only helped up set up new processes, but they trained us on these new processes as well. The training sessions were a tailored experience that we recorded on Microsoft Teams Meetings, and we developed a library of recordings that people reference on a regular basis. It was priceless on-the-job training.”Ron Allen, International Risk Management Institute (IRMI)  

    At times, a report is too complex, and we can either walk you through building a similar, simpler report or we can build the report for you. 

    This is the most tailored offering and targets specific needs. It won’t be as helpful to a person with no experience in Power BI. Going back to our fitness regimen example, if you don’t know how to do a sit-up you can consult any number of videos on the internet and learn how to do a perfect sit-up or pay a personal trainer to instruct you. You’ll save yourself time and resources by learning the basics in generalized training and then learn specific higher-level skills, like a plank plate pull-through, with personalized training. 

    Why Not Go It Alone With Power BI Training? 

    Learning from an expert trainer who is available to answer your questions, help you get unstuck and show you the most efficient means of using the tool will help you get more out of your training and the Power BI platform. In Level One and Level Two, you also benefit from interacting with other trainees who may have interesting questions, concerns and scenarios that further improve your understanding and use of the tool.  

    Past trainees have noted that they absorbed much more through this type of training than from independent learning or using the Dashboard in a Day training on its own. Though Power BI is designed to be accessible to anyone, our in-depth trainings help trainees thoroughly understand the dataset, so they can work with complex reports and get the most out of the tool.   

    Whether you’re just getting started with Power BI or looking to become more adept with the platform, there’s a training program for you at Enavate.  

    Contact us today to learn more about Enavate’s Power BI trainings. 



    Melissa Grover

    Melissa Grover is a Senior Solutions consultant for Enavate Managed Services, a DXC Services Partner. She has over 20 years supporting ERP solutions for small to medium range companies with a primary focus on Microsoft Dynamics software. She has strong organizational, technical and troubleshooting skills. She enjoys running, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

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