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    October 18, 2021

    Let’s Continue the Cloud Conversation from Community Summit 2021

    We had a great time at Community Summit 2021! It was quite a whirlwind considering the experiences business leaders and Dynamics users have had since 2020.

    It was amazing to hear how companies adapted to equip employees amid complex, ever-changing work environments and to meet clients’ evolving needs and the changing needs of their clients’ customers.

    Not surprisingly, a lot of the chatter was about Cloud. After all, Cloud-based software and services may be the ideal path forward for most companies today.

    We were eager to share our key insights from Summit. Download our session, “Continue the Cloud Conversation: Top Summit Takeaways for Success in 2022, ” to tune in on what we covered.

    Enavate’s Kevin Armstrong, Global Enterprise Strategy Leader, and Jennifer Ranz, Product Leader, discussed takeaways that matter most to small and midsized businesses. They also identified business risks and requirements for Cloud migration and pointed out strategies to ensure a balance between technical needs and business value.

    They talked about why it’s no longer a matter of “if” companies should move to the Cloud, but “when.” Ranz focused on solutions and offers for businesses, including our free migration assessment, Cloud templated offerings and any special promotions from Microsoft.

    Here’s a recap of some key experiences from Summit. Attendees enjoyed a keynote from Microsoft experts Richard Riley, Stephanie Dart and Neha Bajwa in a fireside chat facilitated by Bob Evans, founder of Cloud Wars.

    We learned Microsoft’s take on what’s to come, including the viability of on-premises systems, how roles are changing in the C-suite, concerns and solutions around cybersecurity and ransomware, and more.

    Enavate’s experts brought their own experiences and insights to the table in four Cloud-focused sessions.

    • Migrating from Dynamics AX to Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations – To be prepared for success, companies on Dynamics AX need to map out their next steps, knowing that end of support is in 2022. For this session, Armstrong, and Chad Sogge, Enterprise and Partner Services Leader, discussed how organizations can use Microsoft’s Standard Migration Assessment (SMA) program to get the lay of the land, understand potential risks and more.
    • Top Migration Strategies for Moving to the Cloud – An expert panel discussion with Armstrong, Sogge and Ranz, Evans and John Seifert of Dynamic Communities covered common barriers to migration and how to overcome them.
    • Moving Forward With Your Business and ERP – It’s not easy to decide to move on. You’re used to your on-premises system, and it works for you. But it likely isn’t meeting your new business needs. In this session, Sogge and Ranz discussed migration assessments and options and how you can remove uncertainty and hesitation from the equation.
    • What It Means to Move to Azure (and the Benefits of Making the Move) – Moving to the Cloud matters if you want to ensure access to and security of your systems. In this session, Armstrong, Russ Riley, Cloud Sales Leader, and Chris Lavelle, Ground to Cloud Strategy Senior Leader, helped clear any confusion about moving to Azure.

    Although Summit may be over for this year, the Cloud migration can keep going! Download our Summit Takeaways webinar to learn about your options for a Cloud journey.

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