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    May 18, 2023

    Preparing for the Latest NetSuite Release? Plan and Reduce Stress, Opt-in to your Free NetSuite Release Preview Account!

    If you have been using NetSuite for a while, you are likely very much aware that NetSuite regularly delivers software changes throughout the year.  

    Now, it is important to recognize that with any software change, there is the potential to introduce issues, whether it’s updates in form design, layout, or functionality; they can negatively impact current solutions, especially customizations. While NetSuite endeavors to make the updates as painless as possible, it's important to know that resources are available to assist with these changes.

    NetSuite Release Schedule Explained 

    NetSuite has two major releases that are pushed out each year, about six months apart. Accounts are grouped and upgraded in phases, over a period of a few months in each release set. For example, the first release of 2023 would be 2023.1 and the second and last 2023.2, and within each release there are usually about 5-6 phase groups.

    Testing in the NetSuite Release Preview Account 

    The most important resource NetSuite provides users with is the opportunity to request access, or opt-in, to a release preview account to test new features, using existing data and internal business processes. This is not the same as a sandbox account but is similar in how it can be used.

    What is a NetSuite Release Preview account?  

    NetSuite release preview is an isolated test account that has the “soon to be released” version of the NetSuite software applied to it. This allows for advanced testing without impacting production data.

    A NetSuite Administrator can request a release preview account via one of the two locations:  

    • The release preview page is located within the new release portlet. 
    • By navigating to Setup > Company > Release Preview.  

    The benefits of testing NetSuite release updates. 

    A release preview account can be requested for both sandbox and production accounts. So, if there is a development project or new business process being created in the sandbox, but is not yet copied to production, this too can be tested in advance. 

    Early and thorough testing in a release preview account allows the user to address issues prior to the new release being applied to production. A NetSuite release preview account helps you:

    • Verify customization functionality and remedy issues if found. 
    • Confirm business workflows and processes work as expected. 
    • Familiarize yourself with the new features in the release. 

    NetSuite Updated... What Happened to My NetSuite Release Preview Account? 

    Once the subscribed accounts (Prod/Sandbox) have been updated to the latest release, access to the Release Preview iterations cease, and all data in a Release Preview Account is deleted.  To know when this will occur, the release phase and date can be found in the New Release portlet.

    Utilize NetSuite Release Preview Accounts to Prepare for Upgrades 

    It suffices to say that organizations leveraging a solid testing protocol with a release preview will typically have a successful NetSuite update, with minimal surprises. Testing affords the opportunity to report issues to NetSuite in advance of the final upgrade rollout, as such, NetSuite strongly encourages everyone to take advantage of their release preview accounts. 

    Check out this Release Preview overview video for more details...

    If you have any questions about NetSuite major releases or release previews, you can talk to the Enavate team of experts about the NetSuite new release process in more detail.  

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