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    June 3, 2016

    SugarCRM Named a 2016 IBM Beacon Award Winner!

    Our ENAVATE CRM team is delighted to announce that through our continued relationship with global partners, our team was a key catalyst to the prestigious IBM Beacon award for the Outstanding Commerce Solution (How awesome is that?!). (See all the other Beacon award winners here)

    In late 2015, we formed a very close relationship with IBM and SugarCRM leadership teams to create a commerce solution that would enable close integration between the IBM Marketing Cloud email solution and SugarCRM. This new feature driven partnership enabled all the IBM Marketing Cloud capabilities along with SugarCRM’s ability to manage customer relationships effectively to create a best-of breed marketing solution generating a complete solution for marketing teams worldwide!

    As part of our partnership with IBM and SugarCRM, we devised ways to manage the product and enable all of its features to devise the best possible solution. This is a huge accomplishment for our team as we are constantly learning new tools and solutions in order to enable our partners to do what they do best in CRM! We are now working on many other products as part of our collaborations and cannot wait to have more announcements like these in the future!

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    About the Author - Lucas Diaz


    Lucas is a consulting delivery leader with a remarkable aptitude for complex global Dynamics product engagements and architecture. He brings deep consulting expertise and leads an exceptionally talented group of consultants, managers and engineers to create transformational solutions for the Dynamics enterprise ecosystem. Over the past decade, Lucas has architected a multitude of ERP vertical solutions resulting in a multi-million dollar revenue surge for partners world-wide.


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