September 19, 2023

    How to Void Checks in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

    If you have processed payments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, then you have also likely encountered a need to void a check. The process itself can be a little confusing if it’s the first time you have needed to, however, the following details will guide you through the process, making it easier. 

    Void Checks in Dynamics 365 Business Central: Find the Check 

    First, you need to find the Check that needs to be voided. There are a few ways to navigate there, but the fastest is to search for Check Ledger Entries and open that form. 

    Screenshot to find check that needs to be voided via Check Ledger Entries.

    This will show you ALL checks from all Bank Accounts:

    Screenshot of check ledger entries  - all checks from bank accounts.

    Alternatively, you can navigate through the Bank Account Card > select the Bank Account menu option > then select Check Ledger Entries as this will provide a filtered set of data by the Bank Account. 

    Screenshot of finding check to be voided using the Bank Account Card.

    Filtered set of data by the bank account.

    Void Checks in Dynamics 365 Business Central: The Process 

    Regardless how you got there – from Check Ledger Entries you can locate the Check that needs to be voided:

    • In the Check Ledger Entry screen, find, or search for, then select the row of the check to be Voided, ensuring it is highlighted.
    • Next, click Void Check to begin the void process.
    Screenshot of where to select Void Check to begin the process.
    • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will prompt for the Void Date, which will default with the original payment date, as well as the Type of Void. Adjust both as needed.
    Screenshot of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central prompting the user for void date and type of void.
    • Unapply and void check – Select this option when a check is applied to an invoice. This will reverse (and Close) the Payment and its application to said invoice(s), thus reopening the Invoice allowing it to be repaid.
    • Void check only – Use this option only if the payment has already been unapplied or was never applied to an invoice.  This will reverse (and Close) the Payment.
    • The Details section will show the bank account, check number, vendor number and amount to be voided. Confirm the details before clicking Yes to process the Void. 
    Screenshot of details to be confirmed before approving the voided check.


    Side Note #1: There are scenarios where Unapply and void check, will not work and an error will present. This often means you need to manually un-apply the Payment/Check FIRST, before it can be voided. This is done via Vendor Ledger Entries > select the inverted ellipse of the Check/Payment in question > select Unapply Entries, from the submenu; this will allow you to use the Void check only option above to complete the Void.  

    Side Note #2: When a check/payment has already been added to a bank account reconciliation, an error will present indicating it cannot be voided, even when it is not marked as Cleared on the Reconciliation. It must be removed from bank account reconciliation to mitigate the error. 


    • Once the Void is completed, in Check Ledger Entries, you can see that the Entry Status is now updated to reflect Financially Voided.
    Screenshot of check successfully financially voided.
    • Click on Find Entries to confirm the reversed transactions that occurred when the payment was voided. 
    Screenshot of where to locate Find Entries in Business Central.

    Screenshot of confirmation of the reversed transactions.

    Screenshot of Business Central Accounts Payable ledger showing voided check.

    An Added Twist: Voided vs Financially Voided Checks in Business Central

    There is a possibility that you would have a check that was Printed, but not yet posted. When you need to Void a Printed status check, that is completed via the unposted Payment Journal, not the Check Ledger Entry. Business Central will error when trying to Void a Printed check that is not Posted. When you complete a Void via the Payment Journal, the Check Ledger Entry status will update to Voided – not Financially Voided. 

    Screenshot of Payment Journals in Business Central.

    Checking ledger showing the voided check instead of the financially voided check in Business Central.

    We’re Here to Support You with All of Your Business Central Needs 

    This concludes the steps to void a check in Business Central and I hope it helps you navigate the steps with more clarity and understanding of the options and financial impacts of the void check process. 

    For more support in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, open a support request. 

    Paulette St George

    Paulette St George is a Senior Technical Professional, Customer Support, for Enavate Managed Services, a DXC Services Partner. She has more than 25 years of experience in back office technology with a primary focus in Microsoft Dynamics SL and related solutions. She has served as a solution architect and designer, as well as developer. Currently she functions as a Senior Technical Consultant for Enavate by supporting Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SQL Server as well as varied Procurement solutions and Business Intelligence reporting technologies. She enjoys spending time cooking and creating healthy, clean and exciting meals, and spends much of her free time reading and researching many different topics of interest from Astronomy, Food Science and even Homeopathic Medicine. She lives in Southern California splitting her time between Orange County and Big Bear Mountain, enjoying the beautiful and varied weather SoCal has to offer.

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