Cloud Support Overview

    Support tickets are intended to: resolve issues, request service and schedule changes.

    Common Support Resolutions

    Password Administration

    Follow these steps to reset a password as a portal administrator.

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    Self Password Reset & Enrollment

    Follow these steps to enroll into self-password reset and to reset your password.

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    3 Ways to Enter a Ticket


    Contact Cloud Support 24x7x365 at 866-326-8866 and have a ticket entered on your behalf.

    Support team member

    Cloud Support Hours

    The cloud service desk is available 24x7x365 for critical system down issues and general requests between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. Cloud critical issues should be called in to 866-326-8866. For application support hours and contact info, refer to your application support partner’s documentation.

    Response & Resolution Objectives

    The complexity, urgency, and impact of the ticket will determine the case priority. The below time lines are average and some cases will be resolved ahead of our time line. Due to complexity, ticket complexity could cause some tickets to exceed the time objectives below.

    • Critical (Phone Only)
    • Break-fix Response: 15 minutes
    • Break-fix Resolution: 1 hour
    • Request Response: 1 hour
    • Request Resolution: 2 hours
    • High
    • Break-fix Response: 1 hour
    • Break-fix Resolution: 4 hours
    • Request Response: 2 hours
    • Request Resolution: 6 hours
    • Moderate
    • Break-fix Response: 4 hours
    • Break-fix Resolution: 12 hours
    • Request Response: 8 hours
    • Request Resolution: 24 hours
    • Low
    • Break-fix Response: 12 hours
    • Break-fix Resolution: 24 hours
    • Request Response: 24 hours
    • Request Resolution: 72 hours
    • Planning
    • Break-fix Response: 24 hours
    • Break-fix Resolution: 72 hours
    • Request Response: 48 hours
    • Request Resolution: Best effort

    Ticket Prioritization

    The following guide provides an overview of how ticket priority is set. The Cloud team reserves the right to re-prioritize tickets where necessary depending on impact and urgency of the ticket.


    Environment down or inaccessible to all users. Remove user access due to termination of employment.


    One site has loss of access to Enavate Cloud Services, but all other sites are functioning normally. Performance within an application has degraded, but users can connect/use the system. Restore files accidentally deleted by the user, and lack of access impacting the business.


    Performance degraded for a single user due to an intensive request. Single user lost access to Enavate Cloud Services. Open a firewall port.


    User requests password reset. User lost the ability to print. Create a new user account.


    The client is having an issue that can only be resolved during a planned maintenance window; Request to install an application.

    We're here for you

    As your trusted Cloud partner, we are invested in your success. Should you ever need to discuss your services, or any support related to your Cloud environment, your Service Delivery Manager (SDM) is your advocate to ensure you have a great experience. To find your assigned SDM, log in to the portal or ask a support representative.

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