Microsoft ISV Investment Program

    Microsoft ISV Investment Program is designed to accelerate the success of ISVs with Business Central Online and Microsoft AppSource. Enavate Partner Services is a Microsoft ISV Development Center and appointed by Microsoft to coach ISVs in every step of such journey.

    Program Options

    Depending on where you are in your Business Central online journey, you can benefit from these program options:

    Activate Program

    For ISVs which are on a journey to bring their solution to Business Central online and Microsoft AppSource and who will benefit from ISV Development Center support to reduce time to market.

    The program funds the following activities:

    • expert coaching
    • (co)development
    • architectural support
    • go-to-market support
    • sales support
    • migration support
    • reseller activation, etc.

    Accelerate Program

    For existing Business Central partners with proven Microsoft AppSource Apps which have an ambition to accelerate user acquisition with the help of an ISV Development Center.

    The program funds activities such as:

    • customer migration tooling
    • presales support
    • data migration support
    • reseller activation, etc.

    As a Microsoft ISV Development Center and Migration Factory Partner, Enavate Partner Services provides ISVs, VARs and SIs with a full life cycle of services that also includes migrations, upgrades, integration and Cloud hosting, sales and product management support.

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