Distributors have complex needs for pricing, needs that Microsoft Dynamics and AX platforms do not meet out of the box.

Enavate’s Pricing and Costing App is for wholesaler-distributors that need to maintain complex pricing strategies in an easy-to-use yet flexible, functional format. The App enables distributors to manage a high volume of pricing changes while protecting and growing margins across their diverse customer and supplier base. 

  • Designed for Distribution: Make technology work for your business by simplifying management of pricing records while still supporting the needs of your sales team. ENAVATE gives distributors options that go beyond a standard trade agreement that align with their complex pricing needs, including contracts and matrix pricing.

  • Flexible Pricing Management: Set pricing rules that make the most sense for your business. Price items with variable pricing methods based on purchase cost, inventory cost, or loaded costs for greater control of gross margin. Assign pricing to a specific customer, a customer pricing group, or at a specific site and warehouse level. Using these flexible options will ensure that contracts remain profitable year after year.

  • Greater Margin Control: To ensure profitable growth, you need to account for more than the vendor’s cost. Distributors need to include hidden costs, such as freight and handling. For example, the ENAVATE app allows you to apply freight charges for each product line. Sales reps can price strategically knowing their margins won’t be eroded.

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