Enavate Pricing and Costing App

    Our Pricing and Costing app uses the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to make the pricing process flexible and functional for wholesale distributors.

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    Improve Your Margin Focus

    Our Pricing and Costing app helps wholesale distributors manage a high volume of pricing tasks while protecting and growing their bottom line across a diverse customer and supplier base.

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    How can this app help take your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to the next level?

    For Enterprise Companies

    Designed for Wholesale Distributors

    Your technology should help your business simplify its pricing records management while supporting your sales team. With our solutions, distributors have options that go far beyond standard trade agreements. You’ll get detailed contracts and matrix pricing that are aligned with your needs.

    Flexible Pricing Management

    Set pricing rules that make the most sense for your business with the Pricing and Costing app. Price items based on purchase cost, inventory cost or loaded costs for greater control of gross margin. And you can assign pricing to specific customers or pricing groups, or at particular sites and warehouse levels. These flexible options help your contracts remain profitable year after year.

    Greater Margin Control

    To ensure profitable growth, you must account for more than your vendor’s costs. You have to include hidden costs, such as freight and handling. Our app can apply freight charges for each product line so your sales reps can strategically price with the confidence that your margins won’t be eroded.

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    Learn how our Pricing and Costing app helps wholesale distributors take their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to the next level.

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