Gain Control from Contract to Payment

    NetSuite's Project Management module provides integrated project management, tracking and reporting to drive efficiency and profitability at professional services firms.

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    A project management is working in the home office

    The Power of Automation for Professional Services

    With a NetSuite Project Management module, you can automate project creation for your specific services and automatically review time budgeted versus time spent for project tasks and overall progress. You can also review up-to-date capacity and backlog reports to easily analyze your team’s workloads and efficiency.

    Improve Oversight and Understand
    True Cost

    NetSuite’s Project Management module seamlessly integrates with the NetSuite accounting system, making it easier for you to connect the dots between your project progress and its financial impact.

    Organize and Open Up

    NetSuite helps you efficiently see and act on project details that impact time and cost.


    Align Accounting and Management

    NetSuite project accounting can help you effectively monitor your project costs from the beginning and across all service contracts.

    How Enavate Can Help

    Whether you’re upgrading to add industry-specific functionality or migrating to NetSuite, we bring strategy, experience and end-to-end services so that your implementation is designed for your business realities and your goals.

    Modernize for Speed and Agility

    We have a deep well of ERP knowledge and industry expertise, and can design, deploy, manage and support a Cloud solution for your professional services organization, regardless of which applications or processes are involved.

    Get Help Moving Critical Business Workloads

    With NetSuite, we can put your core and industry-specific applications in the Cloud so your organization sees lower overhead and maintenance costs, shifts faster when circumstances change and expands its capabilities and insights.

    More Than Applications

    We build architectures to keep your data and processes secure and compliant while modernizing your systems and capabilities. With our in-house technical team, your NetSuite customizations aren’t outsourced.

    Iterative Business Transformation

    We focus on your business first and know that disruption and long waits for results won’t work. We take an iterative approach to transforming your business to help you focus on what you do best.

    Predictable Path and Price

    We use a proven, defined approach that combines processes and automation. This approach allows us to evaluate and recommend a roadmap that will modernize your systems and business while meeting your specific goals and needs.

    Run Your Business Virtually

    Cloud solutions with modern professional services automation keep distributed teams in lockstep because everyone works with the same up-to-date tools and data.

    Deep Cloud Application Experience

    It can be difficult to find and keep staff who have the skills you need to maintain critical business applications. We can provide skilled, experienced solution architects to effectively build and maintain your business systems.

    Refocus on Your Core Business

    We can handle the hard part of managing the Cloud so you can focus on running your business. We can also coach you and your team on best practices.

    Run Your Organization More Efficiently

    Work with us to see how NetSuite can give your professional services firm the automation and comprehensive application suite you need to modernize and control costs.

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