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    February 20, 2018

    To us, It's Personal

    We transform businesses and the lives they touch. To us, it's personal.

    In 2017, ENAVATE's leadership team went through Simon Sinek's process, Start With Why. This was an invaluable exercise that made us realize we all have a similar why - we want to make an impact in people's lives beyond the walls of the office. 

    Once we defined our Why, we strategized how to integrate our Why to become a part of our DNA. These three elements came to mind:

    • Make a difference in the market space through 100% true empowerment and teamwork via our Pod concept
    • We care about our Team Members and Customers
    • Our core values and boundaries

    Now, let's take a deeper dive into each one:


    ENAVATE's Denver, CO Team

    Make a difference in the market space through 100% true empowerment and teamwork via our Pod concept

     "You own your personal life. Why not own your professional life too?" - Thomas Ajspur, ENAVATE CEO. You are the boss of your personal life and have the space to make any decision you want to. How empowering would it feel if you were able to do the same in your professional life? 

    As Thomas mentioned in his recent blog post, Does True Empowerment Exist, we are beginning a journey of creating a truly empowered culture at ENAVATE. 



    ENAVATE's Minsk Team

    We Care About Our Team Members and Customers

    Okay, so every company says this, right? However, have you ever asked what these companies do to support this statement?

    At ENAVATE, we care so much about the team, internally and externally, that we included this mindset as our top core value, as you can see in the next section below. We created both the core values and boundaries with the people as the core of each statement. Why you ask? Just a reminder, to us it's personal


     Kiev 1.jpg     Kiev 2.jpg

    ENAVATE's Kiev Team

    Our Core Values and Boundaries

    Core Values

    Team – We take care of our own.
    Innovation – We explore, evolve, and seek excellence on every level.
    Results – We are achievers who set high goals and reach them.
    Integrity – We are trustworthy. Our word is our bond.



    We will not

    …exhaust our team members. We want you to have time to re-energize.

    …have our team members connected when on vacation. We want you to spend time with your family/friends/hobbies and give them your full attention.

    …be late for meetings, we will end meetings 5 minutes ahead of schedule. We will show respect for people’s time.

    …take deals where the project cannot be successful. We will exercise rigor in our pre-sales and review process.

    …hire people who put their interests ahead of the organization’s. We will compensate well and hire people who are passionate about our company.

    …tolerate unethical or disrespectful behavior.


    We not only state our why, we are living our why and taking further steps to engrain it into our culture thru empowerment!


    Meet the Author – Kelly Charlton

    Charlton Headshot 2017 v2.jpg
    Kelly is the Senior Manager of Marketing and a member of the Leadership Team at ENAVATE, a companyproviding ERP Software and Services for the wholesale distribution industry and Microsoft partners worldwide. She has provided business operations consulting and marketing expertise in the wholesale distribution industry for ten years. Follow ENAVATE on Twitter (@ENAVATE) or LinkedIn.


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