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    7 minute read | March 30, 2021

    Why Gender Equity Matters in Tech

    COVID-19 has been unkind to women in the workplace. Read More
    5 minute read | February 8, 2021

    Enavate Visionary Awards: Honoring Excellence and Our Core Values

    Enavate would not be the company it is without our people, empowered to advocate for our clients, fellow team members and our communities. Our leadership style is unique... Read More
    8 minute read | October 20, 2020

    How to prepare your business for a recession: invest in technology

    At the start of 2020, multiple industries were gearing up for an economic slowdown. What they couldn’t anticipate was a near-complete shutdown, followed by an immediate... Read More
    6 minute read | April 20, 2020

    How Enavate team members are making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic

    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the COVID-19 pandemic, but stories of kindness and compassion are coming from every direction, showing that we are all in this together. Read More
    5 minute read | April 15, 2020

    Not sure whether to hire more IT resources? Outsourcing may be the answer for third-party companies

    Many folks I talk to are monitoring the market, not sure about the future and when the recovery may begin. Hospitality businesses have had to lock their doors, schools are... Read More
    7 minute read | April 8, 2020

    6 ways to conquer change during a crisis

    The global COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, spanning borders and industries, and disrupting personal and professional lives. Navigating this much change, this... Read More
    12 minute read | March 31, 2020

    When Work Changes: Empowering success in remote work environments

    We’re all facing a global crisis right now, and it’s affecting most companies in one way or another. Many have chosen to shift workers out of communal offices and into... Read More
    5 minute read | January 21, 2020

    How to hire more women to executive teams

    According to research by, women made up only 40% of managers in the United States in 2018, despite the fact that females represent nearly half (46.9%) of the... Read More
    4 minute read | December 17, 2019

    Q&A with CEO Thomas Ajspur: Microsoft Partner ENAVATE’s 5-year anniversary

    How does it feel to have hit the five-year anniversary of ENAVATE? Jeff Bezos once said, “All overnight successes take 10 years.” So we have 5 more years to go. I am... Read More

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