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    2 minute read | January 24, 2019

    AXUG Webinar, Jan. 28: Fire your boss and get a life!

    True empowerment can be one of the most powerful and effective tools to allow employees and companies to thrive and to realize their greatest success. Read More
    6 minute read | December 3, 2018


    We’re moving along in our journey toward employee empowerment. So far, we have talked about some of the essential steps, including Creating Autonomy Through Boundaries and Read More
    7 minute read | November 8, 2018

    Empowerment: What the Hell is a Pod?

    Previously, I’ve described three keys to achieving empowerment: Sharing Information; Creating Autonomy Through Boundaries; and Teams Become the Hierarchy. Read More
    2 minute read | October 4, 2018

    How to Empower Your Team: AXUG 2018 Summit Preview

    Leaders want their employees to make good decisions, but the reality is, most companies haven’t succeeded at creating a team that feels empowered. In many cases, it’s just... Read More
    10 minute read | June 22, 2018

    Empowerment, the Third Key – Teams Become the Hierarchy

    I am sitting in the Lufthansa lounge in Frankfurt. I have a few hours to kill because my flight was delayed, and I missed my connection. I already planned to write about... Read More
    11 minute read | May 10, 2018

    Empowerment, the Second Key – Create Autonomy Through Boundaries

    In my last blog I discussed the first key, Share Information with Everyone. That was the easy key compared to the next two. Yes I know, you still need to get out of your... Read More
    9 minute read | May 2, 2018

    Empowerment, the First Key – Share Information With Everyone

    As discussed in my latest blog about Empowerment there are three keys to the Empowerment journey. In this blog I will discuss the first key – Share information with... Read More
    10 minute read | April 4, 2018

    Release the Underutilized Knowledge, Experience and Motivational Power

    In my first blog about Empowerment, “Does true Empowerment exist?" I spoke about Empowerment and the confusion the word/concept was creating. I also linked to a couple of... Read More

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