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    October 11, 2019

    How SD WORX Collaborated with Enavate to Implement Software Solution

    Innovation is woven into Belgium-based HR and payroll company SD Worx’s identity. SD Worx launched Europe’s first technology-based payroll system in 1960. Fifty years later, the company created Payroll Services Alliance, the first system designed to pay international workers all across Europe.

    Yet, SD Worx didn’t grow to be one of Europe’s most innovative and reputable payroll and human resources companies overnight. It took years of innovation and development. And through it all, they’ve stayed committed to their values of putting people first.

    As SD Worx and its customer base grew, the company’s leaders recognized that their existing HR software solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX2009, wasn’t keeping up. It became essential that the HR software evolve to offer faster, more efficient solutions that could continue to grow as the company did. What’s more, the solution needed to generate payroll- and human resources-related reports for specific industries, as well as customized employment agreement contracts, all while complying with stringent legal requirements.

    In short, SD Worx needed a serious software upgrade.

    For David Verreth, SD Worx’s unit manager for HR software, this was no easy task. He needed to identify a Microsoft partner who could build a Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based solution with the customized components required to meet his company’s needs. When Microsoft recommended Colorado-based ENAVATE, Verreth was hesitant, feeling like “it was a big stretch going from doing everything ourselves to putting everything in the hands of a partner on the other side of the ocean.”

    Naturally, a company focused on personnel management would be keen for its partner to be personally invested. So when ENAVATE CEO Thomas Ajspur flew to Belgium and met with the leaders of SD Worx face to face, it made an impression.

    That personal investment was just the beginning, and ENAVATE’s collaborative culture was a perfect fit. That connection continued throughout the project. Over the next 18 months, 40 members of the ENAVATE team collaborated closely with the SD Worx team to build a fully customized solution.

    Upon completion, ENAVATE’s solution brought about updated delivery methods to improve speed and efficiency, such as faster payroll processing and on-demand scaling. With an updated, customized Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, SD Worx now generates 4.6 million paychecks every month spanning all across Europe. 

    For a people-first company like SD Worx, ENAVATE’s solution was right on target. “We were blended teams that really worked amazingly well together,” Verreth said, “like a well-oiled machine.”

    Read the full case study: Creating an Efficient Payroll System with Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Ole Isaksen

    Ole has spent nearly four decades in technology, with a history of success leading growth for resellers for Microsoft, IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle. In 1995, he joined Damgaard Data to build a channel for Concorde XAL and Axapta (now Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations). Ole served as Partner and Vice President for Columbus IT, a major Microsoft AX reseller, followed by Evergreen Data Systems, Inc. and EFS Technology, supporting both Microsoft AX and Oracle technologies. Ole lives in California and he loves crossfit and indoor cycling.

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