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    October 23, 2023

    What SMBs Should Demand in a Business Central Implementation

    Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have so much at risk during a software rollout, from workflow changes and stakeholder buy-in to the learning curve. 

    These worries are especially valid when implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This Cloud-based tool is an all-in-one business management system that offers robust modernization over the previous ERP solutions, accelerating the management of finance, operations, sales and customer service. 

    While SMBs don’t have the level of complexity related to ERP implementations of their larger counterparts, risk is always inherent when making changes to business as usual. Here’s what you should demand when deploying new technology and how a proven methodology like Enavate’s Xcelerate can ensure a smooth rollout of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

    There is one big secret to a successful technology rollout, and that’s having a proven implementation plan. That's why two companies in the same industry can deploy the same tools but still experience different outcomes. 

    But what makes for an effective deployment? We’ve identified five factors that make a difference in the success of your implementation, and we’ve integrated those into our Xcelerate methodology.  
    We’ve used Xcelerate successfully in small to mid-sized deployments of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from another ERP, on-premises to Cloud migrations, and for new implementations. The benefits of Xcelerate include: 

    • Faster deployments 
    • Pre-configured templates that optimize the software 
    • Affordable set pricing versus an “open checkbook”  
    • Secure and reliable 

    Here’s what SMBs should demand for not only a Business Central deployment — but for any software they roll out. 

    Business Central Implementation Must-Have No. 1: Faster Deployment

    Faster deployment means you can reap the ROI of your new ERP much more quickly. Get up and running with your Microsoft ERP in as little as 12 weeks with the Xcelerate tool.  

    A rapid rollout ensures the minimum amount (if any) of downtime during the cutover. Also, because automation is a significant benefit of Business Central, faster uptime means you can start saving time and increasing efficiency faster. Thirdly, faster deployment increases visibility across finance, sales and inventory more quickly. Customers will also see the difference almost immediately, as service levels improve.  

    Using the Xcelerate rapid deployment methodology doesn't sacrifice the implementation quality, or the training provided to end-users. Xcelerate integrates standard best practices that have been repeatedly leveraged over dozens of successful ERP rollouts.  

    Business Central Implementation Must-Have No. 2: Pre-Configured Templates

    Systematized, repeatable processes are always beneficial. That's why Xcelerate leverages pre-configured templates. These templates significantly reduce the time and cost of software deployment, which is particularly important for an SMB. 

    ERP systems are complex, and it is often assumed that they require extensive customization to meet business needs. But molding the ERP into your processes is no longer necessary, especially if your partner has experience in your industry. Instead, the ERP is the overlay that changes organizational workflows, making them more effective and streamlined. Templates allow for additional customization should a business need it — but many SMBs simply do not.  

    Business Central Implementation Must-Have No. 3: Affordable, Set Pricing vs. “Open Checkbook”

    Traditionally, ERP deployment varies widely depending on factors such as: 

    • The size and complexity of the organization. 
    • The type of software module deployed. 
    • The level of customization. 
    • The implementation approaches.

    SMBs should expect a set pricing structure for their ERP deployment. Standardization cuts costs significantly, as does our clear-cut methodology behind training and deployment,. The idea of the "open checkbook" for your third-party ERP deployment consultant is no longer necessary—or appropriate.  

    Each Xcelerate ERP rollout features a clear timeline and cost. SMBs should expect nothing less. 

    Business Central Implementation Must-Have No. 4: Data Security 

    One of the biggest concerns still expressed by SMBs is related to the security of moving their on-premises data into the Microsoft Cloud architecture. The latest data shows Cloud providers experience 60% fewer cybersecurity incidents than their on-premises counterparts.  

    During the Xcelerate process, data is funneled into the Azure Cloud, where a robust data lake securely houses legacy information. Microsoft Azure retains the highest level of security compliance ratings in the industry. SMBs should insist on the kind of end-to-end data encryption seen in these environments, along with the physical access controls offered by Microsoft. 

    Business Central Implementation Must-Have No. 5: Reliability

    Enavate’s proven rapid deployment methodology has been repeated across SMBs. In other words, it works. You can count on us to set cost, timeframe and scope – and stick with it. 

    Once in place, Business Central has proven to be stable and dependable. Microsoft has a long-standing reputation for delivering high-quality software and services, investing heavily in product development and cybersecurity for its customers. 

    Considering Business Central Deployment? Consider Xcelerate

    The statistics show that early adopters of technology are twice as likely to achieve revenue growth. SMBs that leverage these tools also make greater strides toward their business objectives.  

    In the past, the idea of implementing an all-encompassing system, like an ERP, has felt cost and time prohibitive. The pain of deployment was, perhaps, not worth the gain, especially for a smaller company. Today, though, we offer options that speed up and lessen the cost of a Business Central implementation in the Cloud. 

    Instead of spending months on an ERP migration, what if you could spend weeks with a clear-cut, proven solution with a set cost and rapid ROI?  

    SMBs should demand the same kind of rapid implementation process and successes routinely experienced by an Enavate Xcelerate customer.  

    Xcelerate offers a predictable timeframe for a deployment (up to 12 weeks) along with a transparent, set fee structure. Get results faster. Contact an Enavate expert to find out more. 

    Viktoria Brooker

    Viktoria Brooker is Senior Offering Manager for Enavate.

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