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    February 2, 2022

    Why Are Businesses Moving to the Cloud Now? 

    With the widespread adoption of new technologies, small and midsized businesses are beginning to see the benefits of migrating from legacy, on-premises systems to the Cloud firsthand.   

    Cloud-based ERP, CRM and e-commerce platforms improve productivity, connectivity, sales and customer satisfaction. Migrating to the Cloud ensures companies can meet the demand for a more agile digital infrastructure to respond to uncertainty today and long into the future.

    Businesses often delay Cloud migration because it is a significant investment. However, keeping your existing technology can come at a significant cost as well. If a company puts off technology updates for too long, they risk systems crashing and halting operations.

    The rate of Cloud adoption by small and midsized businesses (SMBs) has increased significantly during the past few years. Flexera’s 2021 State of the Cloud report found that 34 percent of SMBs’ investment in Cloud usage due to COVID-19 was significantly higher than planned; another 52 percent had slightly higher than expected usage in 2021.

    Most companies have found these moves well worth it for the improved analytics, agility and ability to communicate with customers. With better security, accessibility and control, there is no better time to leave legacy systems behind than now.

    Why Now is the Right Time to Move to the Cloud 

    Companies can reap considerable benefits when migrating to the Cloud compared to operating with an outdated on-premises system despite the not-so-new normal. Among other challenges, companies face:  

    • Supply chain disruptions and uncertain lead times  
    • Growing remote workforce  
    • Labor shortages  

    The key is to leverage technology platforms to keep customer relationships strong. Embracing a Cloud solution allows you to:  

    • Drive more targeted interactions. Customer service is more important than ever. With more robust and up-to-date technology, remote interactions can be better targeted and tracked to improve relationships and drive sales.   
    • Access updated data and applications 24/7. Working with data and applications that are updated and accessible anytime is helpful for remote teams who may be working in different time zones or have unusual schedules. Cloud systems promote coworking and enable team members to work together from anywhere seamlessly.
    • Analyze data. Cloud-based integrated ERP technology can show what’s working and what needs adjusting across your operations in real-time to maximize productivity and effectiveness.

    How the Cloud Facilitates Better Communication in a Hybrid Workforce 

    The labor landscape looks far different today than it did before the pandemic. For example, in one survey, 30 percent of employees considered themselves hybrid employees (remote for part of the time), and 35 percent were fully remote. That’s a significant increase from the 7 percent in the same survey that worked remotely all the of the time pre-pandemic. To adapt to this environment, companies have had to adopt Cloud-based technology.

    A Cloud-based ERP has many moving parts to improve communication with your team and customers. For instance, a well-integrated CRM will enable you to see customer trends and quickly respond with creative solutions.

    Tools such as Microsoft Teams allow users to connect remotely and share files. With limited access to customer facilities, sales reps are more likely to talk with customers by video rather than in person.

    To facilitate these new interactions, you must have reliable and secure tools, such as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), allowing employees to securely access their workstations from any device, anywhere, with an internet connection. VDI enhances security and stores data in a central location to prevent potential breaches via WiFi.

    Cloud computing tools are safer than on-premises platforms. Your team won’t have to worry about dealing with VPNs to meet security protocols with these features.

    Implementing Cloud Technology Now 

    Supply chain disruptions and a push towards remote work have not only challenged business models and traditional processes they have fundamentally altered the way software providers implement and offer value-added services.

    While implementing a Cloud migration at a client site is not always an option, companies like Enavate have built additional tools and resources to do the work remotely.

    In challenging times, businesses must look at what they should do to change their processes and skillsets to become more agile. Now is the time to shift resources and focus more fully on utilizing Cloud computing and its benefits. This technology will strengthen your business and help you thrive in an increasingly digital environment.

    Reach out to one of our Enavate experts to learn more about how we can help your team streamline processes, improve customer experiences and grow sales. 

    Chris Lavelle

    Chris Lavelle serves as the Vice President and Pod Meister™ of Cloud Offerings and Strategy at Enavate. In this role, he is responsible for the Strategic Vision of Enavate’s Subscription and Cloud Offerings and ensures they are successfully brought to market. Prior to Enavate, Chris has spent the last 22 years in the Microsoft channel providing leadership and strategic direction to midsized Consulting Organizations supporting Application Development, BI&A, Collaboration, Security, Infrastructure, ERP, and Cloud Services. Chris has been a member of multiple Microsoft Partner Advisory Councils including the Microsoft Security PAC, and the Microsoft Infrastructure PAC, and has presented at multiple Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conferences.

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