October 22, 2019

    ENAVATE Launches Sales Order Management App for Distribution

    DENVER, Colo., Oct. 22, 2019 – ENAVATE, a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider, has launched the ENAVATE Sales Order Management App for Distributors, a toolbox of order management features for Microsoft Dynamics 365. The collection of features reduces order-entry errors, increases consistency and improves customer service by reducing workarounds for distributors.

    ENAVATE’s App is live on AppSource.

    The Sales Order Management App includes the following features:

    • Order Types: This feature has templated several unorthodox order flows to help customer service reps process these orders more efficiently.
    • Product Sets: Distributors that may have products that are not contractually available for certain customers can use the Product Sets feature to create inclusion or exclusion lists of items and assign them to customers, customer groups or even custom hierarchies of customers.
    • Product Substitution Management: This feature empowers distributors to create rules that offer alternatives based on relative margin, customer satisfaction and other factors, rather than just when an item is out of stock.
    • Customer Order Cues: This functionality provides a consistent template for distributor reps to track required data for customer accounting departments to improve processing time and invoice-to-cash.

    “We are excited to offer this new sales order management tool for distributors,” said Thomas Ajspur, CEO of ENAVATE. “This App provides distributors with more options to better handle the requirements placed on distributors by their customers than the standard Microsoft Dynamics 365.”

    About ENAVATE

    ENAVATE is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner committed to providing transformational software solutions and services to our partners and clients worldwide. ENAVATE partners with companies in North America to implement, upgrade and make the most of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and AX software platforms; provides managed services to customers with Microsoft Dynamics; and partners with Microsoft Dynamics Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) globally to provide consulting, upgrades, re-architecture, maintenance and implementation support. Visit enavate.com to learn more.

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