ENAVATE Launches the Integration Tool that Solves All of Your ERP Integration Needs (April 1, 2019)

DENVER, Colo., April 1, 2019 – ENAVATE, a leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 provider, has created a solution for all the integration pain that companies experience when trying to integrate with their ERP, as well as their vendors’ and customers’ ERP.

“We have chosen an existing and proven technology,” says A. Bitbehind, Chief Technology Officer of Enavate. “We have called the App ‘FaxGreation,’ and it will support all known standard and ERP platforms.”

Enavate’s global sales team, as well as their subject matter experts, were understandably excited when they saw the first prototype, however they also raised some concerns about the fact that many companies around the world are still on very old technology and, to them, AI means Application Integration.

As a part of the launch, Enavate’s brilliant product team has created a downgrade path so that customers who are still resisting this integration standard, have a path to benefit from this world-class solution. In fact, the team expects AI and Machine Learning will be something that people will forget as soon as FaxGreation is live and used by real people.

“The two downgrade programs, FaxGreation for Telex and FaxGreation for Morse, will ensure that all companies worldwide have no excuses to not be integrated with all their platforms, customers and vendors.  There will be no excuses in operating an efficient ERP,” says A. Bitbehind.


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For more information, please contact A. Bitbehind, CTO, ENAVATE, at a.bitbehind@enavate.com