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    Enavate Warehouse Extensions App

    Distributors can improve efficiencies in their warehouses with our Warehouse Extensions app for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

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    Reduce Warehouse Management Workarounds

    Retailers, manufacturers and wholesale distributors can get their warehouses working like a well-oiled machine with our Warehouse Extensions app. 

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    Discover Enavate’s Warehouse Extensions App

    How can this app help take your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to the next level?

    Print License Plate Labels from the Web

    Save valuable time by creating and printing new license plate labels on demand with our Warehouse Extensions app. You can also print license plate labels on additional devices.

    Automatically Update Product Receipts After PO is Complete

    Looking for massive time savings? This app feature delivers! Your teams can bypass a purchase order’s manual receipt in favor of automating the product receipt once inventory is stocked and the purchase order is complete. They’ll also be able to easily capture the packing slip number if required.

    Post Packing Slip with Shipment Confirmation

    With our Warehouse Extensions app, your staff can post a packing slip for shipment in the same run as a shipment confirmation just as soon as all outbound work is completed. They can also print optional packing slips through the work audit template.

    Batch Release to Warehouse for Reserved Ordered Quantities

    Our app allows companies to batch release to the warehouse for reserved ordered quantities.

    Release to Warehouse from Sales Orders and Transfer Orders Forms

    With our Warehouse Extensions app, you and your teams can complete the sales order or transfer order form without a set reserved quantity so you can still use the standard sales order and transfer order forms. 

    Confirm Shipment from Wave Details/Sales Order/Transfer Order

    Our app reduces the number of clicks required to confirm a shipment. Confirm shipments directly from wave details, sales orders and transfer orders.

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    Learn how our Pricing and Costing app helps wholesale distributors take their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to the next level.

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