Applications for Wholesale Distributors

    Our team has developed Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications specifically for organizations that have warehouses to make product substitutions, pricing and costing, sales order management and warehouse management easier.

    Discover Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Applications for Wholesale Distributors

    Wholesale distribution is about more than managing a warehouse. Distributors need their sales teams to efficiently sell, their customer service reps to complete transactions quickly and their supply chain to be streamlined. With our applications, you can better harness the power and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to meet all your distribution goals.

    Leverage The Cloud

    Our applications give distributors an opportunity to use Microsoft Dynamics 365 in new ways to explore everything the Cloud has to offer.

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    Compatible With You

    Our distribution applications were built to work with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution, so they should be compatible to work with, not against, your verticals, applications and tendencies.


    Use our applications to take advantage of the embedded machine-learning and artificial intelligence (AI) processes that Microsoft offers. You’ll discover new ways to improve your productivity while cutting costs.

    Customer Insights
    Customer Insights

    With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you have access to the best analytics capabilities in the market to better understand what your customers want and to improve your forecasting. Use our applications to put those analytics to work for your business.

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    Enhance Your Team

    Whether you run an enterprise-wide wholesale distribution system or a smaller version at a midsized company, our multifaceted industry expertise can help you find the right products and applications to grow your business.

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    For Enterprise Companies

    Tools To Grow Revenue

    Increase your operational efficiencies with applications created for wholesale distributors. They can reduce or eliminate any pain points that are stopping you from reaching your revenue potential.

    Tailored Distribution Applications

    We built our applications specifically for wholesale distributors to help your business overcome its challenges. Our applications will assist you with pricing and costing, product substitutions, sales order management and warehouse management.

    Embedded Business Intelligence

    Want to get more from your data? We can help your organization get actionable insights that improve your forecasting, purchasing and supply chain processes with the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    Reduced Infrastructure Costs

    Our applications harness the power of the Cloud, offering you the ability to streamline processes, unify data, automate processes and eventually reduce the costs you spend to maintain an on-premises infrastructure.

    Increased Functionality and Automation

    Conduct high-volume transactions with fewer clicks and less navigation. Our applications will help you automate the data entry process so you can set it and forget it.

    For Midsized Companies

    Tools to Increase Your Revenue

    Profit margins are tight in the wholesale distribution space. Our tools and applications can help midsize companies increase their operational efficiencies and improve profit margins.

    Tailored Distribution Applications

    Companies find operational efficiencies when they can move faster and in fewer steps. Our applications are specifically designed to help wholesale distributors find more efficiencies in pricing and costing, product substitutions, sales order management and warehouse management.

    Embedded Business Intelligence

    Use our applications to gain actionable insights to improve all of your forecasting, purchasing and supply chain processes. They’ll help you stay competitive in a tough industry.

    Harness the Power of the Cloud

    One way that companies can improve their operational efficiencies is by reducing their total infrastructure costs. Our applications can help your company work with the Cloud in new ways to find more efficiencies and streamline processes.

    Increased Functionality and Automation

    Employees don’t want to manually enter data into a system every time there’s a change. Our applications for wholesale distributors can help your employees automate some of those processes. This way, they’ll spend less time in the system while quickly processing high-volume transactions with fewer clicks and less navigation.

    Dynamics 365 App for Wholesale Distribution

    Learn more about how our distribution application can take your company’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution even further.

    Pricing and Costing

    This app can help you manage a high volume of pricing changes while protecting and growing margins across your diverse customer and supplier base.

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