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    Enavate Product Substitution App

    Our Product Substitution app uses the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to make item substitutions more flexible for wholesale distributors.

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    Improve Your Customer Service

    Our Product Substitution app helps wholesale distributors improve customer satisfaction, margins and inventory management with substitute offerings while working with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 order entry process.

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    Discover Enavate’s Pricing and Costing App

    How can this app help take your Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to the next level?

    Give Customers Better Options

    Don’t leave your customers waiting because a product is back ordered. Our Product Substitution app helps you offer substitutions when an alternative is available. It also allows for specific-customer inclusions and exclusions to better meet your customers’ preferences and needs.

    Generate Better Margins

    Improve your profit margins with a more proactive substitution management strategy by using our app. The substitution parameters and business rules ensure that substituted items won’t result in declining margins.

    Improve Inventory Management

    Take control of your inventory investment. Our app enables wholesale distributors to easily execute a substitution strategy that can drive more inventory turns and increase procurement efficiency. Decrease back orders and increase customer satisfaction while reducing the operational expenses that come with back-order processing.

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    Learn how our Pricing and Costing app helps wholesale distributors take their Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution to the next level.

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