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    Rest Assured With Secure Backup for Your ERP and Microsoft Business Applications

    Protecting against the loss of mission-critical application data is a must for secure and continuous operations, but getting there can be complicated and time-consuming without Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).

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    What Is DRaaS?

    Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a Cloud-delivered solution that provides a total system backup in the Cloud. This way, you can keep your business going and customers serviced in case of a disaster or other disruption, all while not having to pay for expensive software and servers to sit idle until it is needed.


    Why Partner with Enavate for DRaaS

    Enavate is a leader in Microsoft Dynamics and Cloud Solutions and has implemented and managed thousands of Dynamics environments for our clients, both on-premises and in the Cloud. This experience has allowed us to tailor our DRaaS solution for Microsoft Business Applications to minimize client risk due to ERP system unavailability. Our deep knowledge and listen-first approach ensures that the solution meets your specific business needs and ensures the absolute minimum time to recover your full Microsoft ERP platform to operational status in case of a disaster

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    Neutralize Data Threats

    Protect your system from malicious actions such as ransomware, as well as everyday risks like power loss and data corruption. Access an always-up-to-date backup in a secure public, private or hybrid Cloud environment.

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    The Right DRaaS Solution

    While our DRaaS solution has been tailored to provide the most protection for your Microsoft ERP platform, as well as provide holistic backup and recovery for all your applications and data. Our team will make sure your compliance, business and budget needs, as well as your existing applications and technology requirements are considered.

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    No More Heavy Lifting

    We offer DRaaS through our Cloud Services practice, which takes the heavy lifting out of technology management, including data recovery. For many clients, DRaaS is the first step they take to modernize and protect their system.

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    High-Touch Service

    Your data is your business’ lifeblood. We offer a fully reliable service with representatives dedicated to helping with whatever you need. And we provide security compliance that few Cloud solutions can offer.

    Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with DRaaS

    Reach out to us to learn how you can better protect your applications and data and ensure your data recovery so threats and accidents don’t lock up your business operations.

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