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Improve efficiencies in your warehouse with this App, designed to help wholesale distributors save time and get more from Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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Reduce Warehouse Management Workarounds in Dynamics 365


Enavate’s App seals gaps in the Dynamics 365 functionality, helping retailers, manufacturers and wholesale distributors get their warehouse working like a well-oiled machine.


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Using core Dynamics 365 functionality, companies can print license plate labels from within the warehouse using only their mobile devices. This App upgrades that to include additional devices through the Dynamics 365 web interface. Another feature allows users to create and print a new license plate label on demand without having to waste time processing an unnecessary inventory movement.

Users reap massive time savings with this feature, which allows for bypassing a purchase order’s manual receipt in favor of automating the product receipt once inventory is stocked and the purchase order is complete. Users can also capture the packing slip number if required.

Dynamics 365 has never allowed users to properly post and print a packing slip once pick work is complete. This App feature makes it possible to post a packing slip for a shipment in the same run as a shipment confirmation as soon as all outbound work is completed. This also includes optional packing slips printed through the work audit template.

Where distributors previously could not create a shipment only for reserve ordered quantities, this App feature makes it possible. Now, companies can batch release to the warehouse for reserved ordered quantities.

Standard Dynamics 365 requires the inventory quantity to be physically reserved when released to the warehouse. To automatically release to the warehouse, you must go outside of the standard sales order and transfer order forms. This feature removes that step and enables the user to do everything from the sales order or transfer order form without a set reserved quantity.

This feature reduces the number of clicks required to confirm a shipment. It enables the user to do it directly from wave details, sales orders, and transfer orders.

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