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    February 1, 2024

    Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Close: AP & 1099 Processing

    Knowing how to close out your Microsoft Dynamics GP instance can be difficult if you don’t know best practices and how to streamline the process. At Enavate, we put together a webinar series and connected blogs to assist you with just that, letting you in on the tips and tricks that’ll make your Year-End Close process more efficient.  

    This session will cover: 

    • Payables Closing Best Practices 
    • GP Versions Impact for 1099 Processing  
    • Options for Making Updates and Edits to 1099 Details
    • How to Efficiently Process 1099s 

    If you want to follow along or watch the webinar instead, you can do so here:  

    Dynamics GP Payables Closing Best Practices 

    Payables Year-End Close is an optional step and is NOT required to run 1099s. It’s not unusual for some companies to never close out prior years of payables. You can still process your 1099s if you choose not to do this step.  

    Things to Consider 

    If you choose to run the Year-End Close process in the purchasing model, timing is very important. You will not be able to post your Payable transactions to the new year prior to closing out the module if you depend on YTD and LYR buckets in SmartLists. 

    Year-To-Date (YTD) columns and Last Year (LYR) columns in the SmartLists are affected by when the Payables module is closed. However, you can enter transactions into batches and wait to post until after you have run Year-End Close.  

    If you posted a Payables transaction into the new year prior to closing, Enavate can assist you with running SQL scripts to recalculate your YTD columns.  

    Close the Purchase Model 

    To close the Purchase Model, follow these steps: 

    Navigate to: Purchasing > Routines > Year-End Close  


    You may choose to print the Year- End Close report during this process if you do, be sure to print to PDF as it can be a lengthy report.  

    GP Version Changes and Options  

    NOTE: If you’re currently running Dynamics GP 2016 or earlier, there are no Year-End Close options for 2022. These versions have reached their end of life in terms of updates. We recommend using Greenshades or another 1099 processing option online if you’re using this version or earlier. 

    If you received the Year-End update in 2020, you received a significant update to include the new 1099-NEC form. The IRS took the 1099 miscellaneous form and broke it out into two forms. One is the non-employee compensation. The second is the miscellaneous form, the IRS completely removed line seven from this form. 

    The 2021 Year-End update included the 1099-NEC with three forms to a page. This update allowed users to run 1099-NEC out of GP three to a page.  

    2023 Year-End Update 

    GP has implemented some changes in 2023 that largely stem from the IRS. The new update is inclusive of prior updates for GP 18.3 through 18.6. (There’s no year-end update for versions prior to 18, so make sure you’ve upgraded to take full advantage.) Here’s what has been updated: 

    • All 1099 types will now print with the forms, which means there’s no need to get forms this year! 
    • If you have 10 or more 1099s, you’ll need to eFile. Since GP doesn’t offer the option to eFile, you’ll need to use a third-party application to do so. 
    • Luxury automobile depreciation changes have been updated once again.  
    • Payables 1096 Summary and 1099-NEC forms are now included. 

    What if you can’t update to 18.6 before the Year-End Close? 

    If you’re running GP versions up to 18.3, or if you need to eFile, we recommend that you contact our third-party partner, Greenshades. You can also search for a 1099 Processing Service online, as there are quite a few out there.   

    For GP version 18.6, please email to open a case. We can work with you to make the necessary changes needed for the 2023 forms. 

    1099 Edits 

    When figuring out how to process your 1099s, it’s a good idea to keep the following in mind:  

    Print your 1099 Edit List 

    Purchasing > Routines > Print 1099 

    The form should automatically insert your company name and Fed ID, but you can manually enter it if needed.  Picture2-Jan-16-2023-02-29-03-2012-PM

     This is an important report to run to make sure that you have an accurate tax ID or social security information for your 1099 vendors. The report supplies you with a dollar amount if it’s above the threshold for the type of 1099 you’re running. Anything below the threshold will not appear. 


    If you’re not sure where to set up 1099 minimum thresholds, you can do that here: 

    Purchasing > Setup > Payables > 1099 Setup  Picture3-4

    3 places in GP to edit 1099 data 

    Option 1: 

    Purchasing Cards 

    Purchasing > Cards > 1099 Details 

    To edit 1099 details, you need to display the totals by month. This is the only way to edit 1099 amounts. Once you have made the edits, click save. 

    There are no limits to the number of times you can make changes to 1099s and process them.  

    This method is useful when you need to make a quick adjustment to one vendor. Picture4-3

    Option 2:  

    Purchasing Transactions 

    Purchasing > Transactions > Edit 1099 Transaction Information 


    Here, you can make additional changes to your 1099 types by transaction. To make the necessary changes, follow these steps: 

    • Enter an appropriate Vendor ID 
    • If desired, restrict by voucher number
    • Choose to view by 1099 Debit Transactions, All Debit Transactions, or All Credit Transactions 
    • NOTE: Each time you make a change, hit “re-display” to view the changed data 
    • Change the Tax Type and/or Box Number  for a specific transaction 
    • Click “Process” 
    • Verify the information by viewing the changed 1099 information (Cards > Purchasing > 1099 Details) 

    NOTE: The document list shows the invoice date, NOT the payment date, so if there are any invoices from 2021 that were paid in 2022 you need to adjust the date under Documents to include 2021.  

    Option 3: 

    Purchasing Utilities 

    Purchasing > Utilities > Update 1099 Information 


    If you need to make blanket changes to all transactions to a different 1099 type or 1099 Box number for one vendor or a range of vendors, follow these steps: 

    • Select the radio button next to “Vendor and 1099 Transactions” 
    • In the “From” restriction on the left do the following:
    • Tax Type the tax type you want to change 
    • 1099 Box Number the box number you want to change 
    • In the “To” restriction on the left do the following: Tax Type the tax type you want the vendor data to reflect 
    • 1099 Box Number the box number you want the vendor data to reflect 
    • In the “Range Restriction”
    • Be sure to enter a restriction here. You can choose between Vendor ID, Vendor Name, and/or Vendor Class. Then click insert to apply the restriction.  
    • If you do not enter a restriction here, GP will   update ALL vendors. This CANNOT BE UNDONE. Be sure you’ve isolated the Vendors or Vendor Class you wish to change. 
    • Verify the changes and then click “Process” to finalize the changes. A report will print to view the changes. 

    Processing 1099s in Microsoft Dynamics GP 

    Once you’re sure that all your 1099 edits are perfect, you can print and process your 1099s.  

    Printing 1099s with Lines and Boxes

    Last year’s update added Lines and Boxes for the NEC form. This year, all forms can be printed with Lines and Boxes. You can find the option on the Print 1099 screen.


    Again, if you have 10 or more 1099s, you’ll need to eFile. Since GP doesn’t have an eFile option, we recommend reaching out to Greenshades or another third-party service for assistance. And if you aren’t upgraded to the latest version, your non-NEC forms won’t be able to print with lines. If you’re interested in the Greenshades Year-End Forms solution, please contact or Javier Ferro Villegas 


    For any additional questions you may have, we’re here to support you. You can also visit our Enavate Blog, where our consultants regularly post a helpful variety of content.  

    If you need assistance or have needs related to customer care and consulting, please reach out to 

    For more tips on how to close out your year with less stress, read the other blogs in this series: Year-End Close Process in Microsoft Dynamics GP: Tips and Tricks and Microsoft Dynamics GP Year-End Close: Tips and Tricks for US Payroll. 

    Samantha Vislay

    Samantha Vislay, MCSE is a Dynamics GP Techno-Functional Consultant and has been working with Dynamics GP since 2015. She is skilled in training, implementation, integrations and customizations.

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