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    January 4, 2023

    Microsoft Dynamics Ukraine Community Funding Update

    For 10 months, Ukraine has been living in a war-torn nightmare. The attack by Russia against Ukraine directly affects the Dynamics community, with over 700 Dynamics professionals in Ukraine.

    The leading Microsoft Dynamics partners in Ukraine created a fund to help our team members in Ukraine. The companies behind the fund raising are ArganoArbela, Clarity, Enavate, Global Mediator, OntargIT, SIS and Smart Business.

    We asked you to join us in supporting the Dynamics community, including their families and friends, during the war. We are humbled by the response of everyone who joined us and contributed to the relief effort. The Microsoft Dynamics community is grateful for your outpouring of generosity to team members in Ukraine. Thanks to you, we raised more than $100,000 for this specific fund. Each of the companies behind the fund, also had their own funds, and in total we have raised close to $1,000,000 combined.

    With so much generosity, we have addressed the immediate needs before us, and still have funds to fulfill the added needs and requests. As of December 2022, we are suspending fundraising efforts.

    How Your Support Impacted the Ukraine Dynamics Community

    Since the first day of the war, we have focused on having daily check-in meetings with our Ukraine team to ask what they need and how we can support them. We created a checklist from scratch of what to do as the war advanced with the goal of achieving safety and security for our team members.

    Your generosity has allowed us to lend impactful support and services to the communities in need. With your help, we have been able to deliver various forms of assistance, including:

    • Relocation Services
      • Relocation packages were a top priority to ensure all members of the community remained safe.
    • Direct Payments to Cover Damages
      • For those unable or not wanting to move out of Ukraine, we focused our efforts on delivering aid needed to cover damage and fallout from the war.
    • Counseling and Mental Health Services
      • The war has affected everyone involved. Providing team member with mental health services goes beyond our standard Employee Assistance Program. We have focused on providing ways to make mental health services more accessible to our team members and their families, especially their children.
    • Generators for electricity and heat
      • The last month, Russia has attacked the infrastructure of Ukraine, causing electricity and heating issues. We have provided generators and power banks to team members that needed this.

    By donating and sharing fundraising opportunities, we were able to sustain the lives of many affected by the war. Team members from ArganoArbela, Clarity, Enavate, Global Mediator, OntargIT, SIS and Smart Business have been vastly affected by these efforts.

    Looking Forward to Rebuilding and Healing

    With no one knowing how or when the war will end, it is impossible to say when we can move forward. We continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with Ukraine and with our team members there, but only want to ask for your help when we have actionable support programs requiring funding.

    Our teams have moved to safety, remain employed and we will continue our relationships with them throughout this war into peace. Our goal today is to give them hope and strength to persevere. Our goal, in peace, is to help rebuild communities, offices and homes for our teams to return to. When the war ends, the Microsoft Dynamics community will be there.

    On behalf of ArganoArbela, Clarity, Enavate, Global Mediator, OntargIT, SIS and Smart Business

    Slava Ukraini! 



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