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    Inventory Management: New Paradigms for Visibility

    Best practices for inventory management have been whiplashed from just-in-time to just-in-case. For distributors, after double-digit growth for years, consensus forecasts indicate a slowdown in 2023. Watch this webcast to better prepare your team for what’s ahead.

    We’ll explore the current state of inventory management after three volatile years; how to maintain lean, efficient inventory (and cash) practices with high customer-service levels; and how to increase your supply-chain visibility to ensure high service levels.

    Key Learnings:
    • Inventory stratification & demand forecasting techniques
    • Managing fluctuating inventory priorities more effectively
    • Key service-to-inventory level metrics for 2023
    • Attributes of a skilled inventory-planning team
    • Rethinking strategies for supplier performance, approval process and continuity



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